Mar 17, 2008

"There is a battle going on for the heart of our daughters."

If I'm right - and goodness knows, I might not be - then I think there is not one single girlfriend that I have that has only boys. Everyone I can think of (with the exception of sweet Ang) has a girl.

Rhonda does.
And Kellie.
And Julie.
And Nicolle.
And April and Kerri.
Kristen has Finley.
Lisa has Samantha.
Kenda has Gracie and Ella.
Kate has Molly and Tera has Grace and Sarah.
Lisa has Bailey.
And Teresa has my favorite teenager ever, Coco.
Although I do love Kimberley's, Olivia.
And my mom has little sister. Sweet little sister.
And now I get to be a part of this wonderful club, because now I have Remi.

And although I am not there yet - fighting over what they want to wear, how they want to style their hair, what music they want to listen to, what clique they want desperately to be a part of - I am watching. I am learning. And just so you all know, I am most definitely taking notes. Because...(I'm whispering now, so lean in close)...I'm scared.

I heard a mother say today...
"I am going to fight. As long as I have breath then I am going to fight this war. Because there is a battle going on for the heart of our daughters."
And I thought for a moment about my daughters heart and what fills it.
Let's see, there's Pooh, he's definitely one of the good guys.
There's candy. Nothing chocolate, though. Preferably hard and brightly colored.
There's her grandparents. Four people who make her head spin when she sees them.
There's her best friend, Mally. Whom she loves more than life.
There's me - her comfort.
And there's her daddy. The first true love of her life.
And that's all her little heart can hold right now.

But soon she'll grow. And so will her heart. And it will hold more. And so it will be open to more. And that's where the battle will begin.

I heard about this book today. I read an excerpt from it and encourage you to do so, too. It's "The Princess and the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity." Certainly she's too young for it now. But she won't always be. Someday we'll read it together and she'll understand it. And hopefully it will settle in her heart. And she'll understand how precious she is.

Just like Taylor and Molly, Mally and Finley. Just like Julia and Katie and Lexie, Avery, Gracie and Victoria. So very precious.

And I hope, like her mom, that she lands her first irst kiss on the same man she marries.
And that he, like that kiss, is the most precious thing to ever fill her heart.


Kristen said...

I heard about this book today too! I love this idea!

Teresa said...

Oh!!! Lydia's kindergarten teacher gave her this book last year. It is precious and simply perfect.

Welcome back by the way.

txjules said...

GREAT book!! This is still one of my girls favorites! We still read it together and they are 9 and 10 now. You will enjoy it as much as Remi........

Ashley said...

SIGH... I am scared to, and it may be because I have 3 boys and can SEE how they think.

I am praying not only for my daughter, but for my sons... that they would be THAT KIND of Prince!

Anonymous said...

Melissa~ this is the quote that my sweet Molly has on her's a good one!

"What a good thing, for instance, it was that one princess should sleep for a hundred years! Was she not saved from all the plague of young men who were not worthy of her? And did she not come awake exactly at the right moment when the right prince kissed her? For my part, I cannot help wishing a good many girls would sleep till just the same fate overtook them. It would be happier for them, and more agreeable to their friends." -Little Daylight, by George MacDonald

Anonymous said...

That book has been Samantha's favorite book since she was a little girl..(6 years old) and now, at age 11, she STILL says that she loves it even more! You are a wonderful mom,...and when sweet Remi is a tween like Sam, the relationship you two will have - will be FANTASTIC!! You'll see ~
lisa cronk