Feb 20, 2008

Today's post is no fun, no fun at all. Nothing to laugh at. Nothing to scoff at. Your eyes won't roll at my misfortune. And you won't snicker at the satisfaction you feel that I got myself into another "predicament." No, today's post is of a more serious nature.

Today I found myself horribly unfaithful and once again, as usual, God was incredibly faithful.
Why is that?

Why must I always be human? And why must He always be divine?
Why must I always trip? Why must He always catch?
Why must I always screw-up? Why must He always perfect?
Why must I always be asking forgiveness? Why must He always be granting it?

No banks were robbed today. No one was killed or ran down in a moment of road-rage. No one suffered a heartbreak at my careless run-off at the tongue (though that is probably a shocker to many.) My marriage is intact. And my relationship with Him is solid.

But I failed. Nonetheless, I failed. And I felt it. And it hurts.

And so today I went into that posture we learned as a child but somehow put away as an adult. And I bowed.
As one who is broken to one who is Holy. I bowed.
And I cried. And begged forgiveness.
And He smiled and granted it, unlimited.
Thankfully His forgiveness is not dependent on my faithfulness.

I sent out an invitation to a friend of mine today for a special surprise engagement - in her honor. At the bottom of the card I wrote the words, "Bring nothing. Expect everything."

Bring nothing. Expect everything.

And that's exactly what I did today. Brought Him nothing. Walked away with everything.
Brought brokeness. Received blessing.
Brought unfaithfulness. Received Mercy.
Brought shame. Received Glory.
Brought embarrassment. Received the "lifter of my head."
Brought humiliation. Received grace. Precious grace.

Bring nothing.
Expect everything.


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