Feb 22, 2008


Well, it's Friday in the Radke house. Time to see what kind of shenanigans we can get into.
If you are an avid reader of this blog (and from what I hear there are like 12 of you) then you know Friday at the Radke's can get pretty darn crazy.

Like this morning for instance...my daughter had oatmeal for the first time.
Yep! You heard right. The first time. And she seems to like it. Well, actually the verdict is still out - you don't really know how much she likes anything until the second time you try to put it in her mouth. That's when you get the real answer. But considering the week we went to Nonie and Poppies it was like a continental breakfast for toddlers every single day; well, that's been kind of hard to compete with. At Nonie's she would start the morning with some homemade chocolate milk, followed up 30 minutes later with some gourmet "cheese toast" made with the finest cheese you can find in Lufkin (cut into quarters just for Remi). Then there was more milk - this time with strawberry syrup - to wash it down, some grapes as a side dish. And around 10 she would carry around a cup of Fruit Loops or gnaw on a Kellogg's Cereal Straw. Geez, I don't even have that much food in my pantry. How can I compete with that? So this morning we are on a detox program and are introducing good, hearty oatmeal. She seems unimpressed to be honest. Oh yes, this is going to be a wild Friday.

Next on the list - laundry. And just because it's Friday I might wash everything in cold. Ooohhh...it's gettin' K-razy in here.

David is in a bad mood because of one of our dogs.
I can't tell you what they did, but it has to be cleaned up and it's in the middle of our garage. I'll leave the rest to you.

We did rent a movie for tonight. Now, that's livin'.

I suspect I'll take a nap today since I didn't sleep well last night due to nightmares. I never have nightmares but something about last night's LOST freaked me out. I couldn't' stop thinking about it and ended up dreaming about all sorts of weird things. Kate, Aaron the baby, why Jack said that only EIGHT people survived...what in the world? So last night Locke kept trying to give me an I.V. at a local L.A. Weight Loss center. Not sure what that's about but if our dreams are any indication of God trying to tell us something - I'm in a whole heap of trouble.

Well, that's about all the goings on here at the Radke Ranch.
I figure my mom looked my blog up today (as she usually does) and read the part about Remi and then closed her computer. As long as I write about Remi first, I can pretty much write anything I want about mom down the page and she's never going to even see it. Which I figure is a good thing, because for all of you who have been reading this blog and sending me emails about it,
or stopping me in the halls at church about it,
or talk to me across the line at Publix about it,
or laugh at my expense when I drop my child off at school about it,
all of you are in for a literary revival when I began to write about Mom.
I mean this is the same woman who when I threw my hip out dancing at a wedding (for a later date) and was in tears actually looked at me and in her angriest voice whispered, "Well go into the bathroom and put it back in. "
Oh yes, and that's just scratchin' the surface.

Yep, many stories await. And if you don't believe me then read my comments. Because I am trusting that if you read today's blog and you can testify about the relationship I have with my mom that you will leave a post so those who are new to this will stick around.

So I'm signing off now. I've got some wild some oats I have to sow today. It's Friday. And so I figure I'll pack Remi in the car, roll down our windows, drive through Spring Hill and whistle at some construction workers.


NC said...

I do want to hear about you throwing your hip out and maybe you can even share it in Sunday School class! :) I am so sorry that I was at home with a sick child on Sunday and was not able to properly welcome you to our class when you visited! :) HA HA! I just couldn't resist! HE HE!

CEU said...

Face it, you're a local celebrity now. Until The Office comes back on and Teresa gives me her narrative of the highlights from that episode....I've got nothing. And Melissa, we're laughing WITH you.

Anonymous said...

I just love your mom. She did offer to PAY me for picking up Remi for you.;)