Feb 27, 2008

Kerri Day

So yesterday was a fun day. A special day. An I-wish-this-could-last-all-day kind of day. Because yesterday was "Kerri Day". And even though it wasn't "Melissa Day" I still (surprisingly) loved every minute of it.

Here is a recipe on just exactly how you can enjoy your own Kerri Day. *Please note: You will want to re-name it accrodingly in case you have no Kerri in your life. Although, if you have no Kerri in your life, you have been shortchanged altogether. Trust me.

Take the name of someone you love dearly. It can be anyone, your mom, your Sunday School teacher, your fifth grade piano teacher. Just make sure they are worth it! Certainly it works best if you take the name of one of your best friends, like I did.

Mix in 3 or 4 others to help you out. Find help from those who love the aforementioned person just as much as you do. Then their help is priceless, and well, you just end up having a really good time doing it. Certainly it works best if you get help from your best friends, like I did.
Now that you know whose "day" it will be - figure out what they love. Especially what they love to eat and plan the most extravagent lunch imaginable. Have their favorite appetizer, dish and side dish. Have their favorite drinks on the table (more than one to choose from, of course). And top it off with their favorite dessert! Throw in all things girlie and pretty and beautiful. We're talking candles, and flowers and fine china. Do it up right, now. And don't make that special someone lift a finger.
Note here: Remove all children, husbands, phones and email. Devote yourself entirely to those around your table. Especially your guest of honor. In fact, don't even look at the clock. Chances are the time will fly by - especially if you are with those you love.

Mix these things together and you already have the makings of a pretty good time. But here's the topper. Pay attention carefully...

Bring gifts. Becuase every girl wishes their birthday came more than one day a year. Bring something big or small. Expensive or cheap. Just as long as it reminds you of that special someone. Have them open it up (and be careful becuase tears or hysterical laughing could follow.)

And lastly, and this is the really cherry on the top, read them your card. And we're not talking a few lines in a Hallmark. Do it up right. Write them the kind of letter that let's them know how much their friendship really means to you. Leave nothing out. No stone unturned. Tell them you love them, appreciate them, tell them how special they are, and what a blessing their friendship really is.

Mix together with 3 or 4 of the best girlfriends God could have given you.... laugh for 2 (or 3 or 4) solid hours....dry your tears....clean up the kitchen....and ENJOY.

So that's it. That was "Kerri Day". And the really exciting thing is that next time could be "Kelli Day" or "April Day", "Rhonda Day" or even "Melissa Day". Who knows??? That's the exciting part. You never know when that pretty little invitation will wind in your mailbox inviting you to your very own special day. And as much fun it will be to your have your own special day, it might be just as much fun throwing it for someone. Espcailly if you really love them. Which we did...it was Kerri after all.
Our sweet Kerri.
Sensitive to all things, mender of all things, and lover of her friends.
Sweet Kerri.
The reason why I have my Steel Magnolias to this day. The reason why Remi has four "aunts" that she adores. The reason why the Attorney General gets at least one night a week home by himself, cause of those darn "girls" (kidding, even he loves them. And that's rare - ya know?) And the reason why TN feels like home.

Hmmmm.... I wonder whose "Day" it will be next time? I've got a feeling I know.
But that's all I'll say.
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

One of the best days EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Have to say, the greatest blessing was in the giving! That was a day that will forever be cherished....I can't wait to give the next one! For all the girlfriend groups out there, definitely take time to start traditions like these. They are PRICELESS!

It was a joy celebrating you, Kerri!



I love you all so much and I can't tell you what that day meant to me. I have never felt so loved by all of you although you have definitely come close several times. Love you so much,