Feb 27, 2008

Just Trust Me.

Please go to . . .http://www.shaunnamorgan.blogspot.com/

Now, scroll down to February 14th.

Just trust me on this.

Heaven. Pure heaven.


Anonymous said...

To even say those were adorable and crazy stinking cute would be an understatement.

L-O-V-E them!!!

Aunt April

calasiter said...

The pageant/bathroom story was hilarious. I might have to copy and paste that to a few friends. Too stinkin funny. First time I've been to the blog. Is David the Attorney General of Tennessee? I guess I'll have to go Google him now. Just kidding about the copy and pasting.
Claudia p.s. Remi is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Precious! :)


Anonymous said...

What pure JOY to look at! Makes me want to scoop her up and kiss her to death! That's my "Remster" and I am pretty sure she can't get any cuter than she already is...although I am surprised daily!

I love you, Remi!
Aunt Kelli

CEU said...

Gorgeous, but you already know that. Amazing pictures of Remi! Couldn't be on a more perfect day.

Ashley said...

could she get any cuter in that poof and those shoes. I love them... how did you not order them all and create a Remi shrine?