Feb 28, 2008

"Ohly, Ohly, Ohly"

So yesterday mommy needed a little "mommy" time. Now normally when we use that phrase around our house it means, "I'm headed to the bathroom, keep the stealth in here with you." Because Lord knows you can blink your eyes and she's in the room with you. I don't, personally, know how she does it. She just appears. And you think - wow! - how did you get here so fast? I just locked you inside the closet!

So yesterday I needed a little "mommy time," but a different kind of "mommy time." I was in my bedroom listening to some worship music, which I do from time to time - being an avid lover of all things worship. And the stealth was happily watching Pooh, which she does 24/7 - being an avid lover of all things Pooh.

So as the worship continues so does my singing. And as my singing continues so does my worship. And so on, and so on. And before you know it, I was right there, in the Throne Room itself - eyes closed, hands raised and tears just a' streamin'. It was much needed and wonderful...or so I thought. However, what I saw next was really wonderful.

The stealth, the Remster, my sweet Remi, stood in my doorway. Eyes tightly closed. Arms extended up above her head. And as I suddenly stopped to listen I heard the most precious sound in the world, her little voice singing out with all she could muster . . ."Ohly, Ohly, Ohly."

And suddenly I realized why it is that God likes them even more than He likes us. And I, for one, wholeheartedly agreed.

But it wasn't until today, with the picture of her still stuck in my head, that I realized how God must feel about my worship. Does He truly look at me, eyes tightly closed, arms extended above my head, singing at the top of my little lungs, with the same adoration that I looked at her?
Yes, He does.
He told me so.
And if Him seeing me worship brings Him as much joy as me seeing my child worship - then it is the least I can do.
The very, very least.

"Ohly, Ohly, Ohly."
Would you sing with me?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustration! Thank you for your witness! :)

Anonymous said...

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