Feb 8, 2008

Dear Daughtry, you get me. You really get me.

Well, I'm goin' home...to the place where I belong...
And it only took me 14 hours and 17 dirty bathroom stops to do it.

Isn't that how the song goes?
Well, it's how my song goes.
But I'm home nonetheless, and happy happy happy to be here.

Yes, yesterday we set out on our journey towards home. A 12 hour trip from Charleston Lane all the way to the backwoods of Texas. With a baby. I reapeat, with a baby.
So how did it go, you ask? "Remarkably well", I answer.
Remi did really well. Oh sure, there were a few glitches along the way. Remi prefers to listen to Elmo sing his hits, while her daddy tends to favor some old school 80's rap. But after we settled that dispute - Mommy wins, Celine Dion it is! - we were fine.

Then of course there was the "But it's getting late and I'm about to fall asleep behind the wheel" debacle. But I assured the Attorney General of two things.
#1. I was not driving. It was getting late and well, I just didn't want to.
And #2, that he would not fall asleep behind the wheel because I was putting in a movie that was sure to keep him on his toes. Enter "Sense and Sensability".
Let's just say that didn't go over so well. Man, he is sooooo bossy.

We only stopped twice along the way. Can you believe it? Once around dinnertime at a Chik-fil-A so the little one could run her pretty little legs off. It worked. And then again around 9 so mom could get an Icee, Dad could get some coffee so he wouldn't "fall asleep behind the wheel" (buck up you lightweight!) and Remi could, yep, you guessed it, run her little legs off. Worked again. She worked that store like it was the day after Thanksgiving. I picked up three bags of Cheetos, 2 stuffed animals, 14 straws, 2 shot glasses, 8 pair of sunglasses, and a cassette of The Best of Eddie Rabbit in her wake. I don't think anyone has ever stayed for 40 minutes at a truck stop - but we did! And once she was back in her seat she slept like a baby.

And now, whoo, we're home. And happy to be here.

We don't sleep good in the guest bedroom becuase obviously when they made that model they were basing it off of the length of dwarfs.

And it's not that fun to use the bathroom becuase they only believe in Scott tissue - which I find removes the 1st and 2nd layer of your skin.

There's nothing to drink, ever, becuse their water taste like french fries.

And they seem to live near some "black hole" because 9 out of 10 times they're internet is down and their phones don't work. (The AG believes there is some poor mouse somehwere running in a wheel just to keep their internet connection up.)

But all that being said............man, I love coming home.

Oh, I gotta run. I just overheard my mom say, "Gene, Remi loves this stuff. She's drank over half the cup." She's holding a Starbucks in her hand.
Heaven help us.

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