Feb 5, 2008

Everyone Just Remain Calm!

Look, there's no reason to fear. The Attorney General didn't remove my last post becuse he is mean. Although he is. And he didn't remove it becuase he's bossy. Although I think we would all agree, he totally is. He removed it becuase I wrote something bad about my cat and he knew I would regret it later. So I told him he could remove it.

AG: You don't want your cat to die.
Me: Yes, I do.
AG: No you don't. You will regret saying that tomorrow, but it will be out there and the world will know it.
Me: Know what?
AG: That you want your cat to die.
Me: Well, I do.
AG: No, you don't.
Me: Well I don't want her to live.
AG: Yes, you do. Quit saying that. You've just had a bad day with her.
Me: I know, but...(begins to cry)
AG: See? I knew this would happen. I'm deleting it before anyone reads it.
Me: But she's miserable and she has anxiety issues.
AG: Well you have anxiety issues but I don't want you to die. And if I did I wouldn't post it on a blog. Well, at least not this kind of blog...

Of course he also read where he had done something wrong and I was mad at him for it, and he didn't seem just thrilled with that little tidbit getting leaked to the masses. So the previous post was deleted. I am feeling better and we can all just forget what I posted about my cat. I am sure there are those in my personal life who would like to post stuff about my cat, but I would ask that they refrain. You know who you are.
Enough of that.

Here is what I am listening to right now, it's hysterical.
(We are looking at the weather lady pointing to the weather map)
AG: Okay, do you see her thumb? Where her thumb is? Now look right above her thumb to her long finger...
Me: You mean her pointing finger?
AG: Whatever. Just look right about it and in between it. In between her thumb and her pointy finger and then look a little bit up almost to her..

Me: To her what?
AG: (laughing) to her dirty finger. Just look right in between her dirty finger and her thumb.
Me: Okay, I am looking in between her thumb, just above her pointy finger and her dirty finger. What am I looking at?
AG: (laughing) I don't even remember.

Obviosuly we are getting some pretty severe storms tonight. I know this becuase her "dirty" finger is pointing to it. Well, that's proof enough for me.

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