Oct 23, 2007

The Golden Girls

Having girlfriends is one of God's greatest gifts. Seriously, it's His way of making up for that whole PMS thing.

But something happens when a little girl becomes a lady. Friendships aren't based off of favorite colors anymore. The thing that brings women together is no longer their plans to marry two guys from New Kids on the Block and live side by side.

But let's not discount those days either. They were fun, weren't they?? And they were special. But as we grow up we lose memory of those days. They seem farther and farther away. Unless we are lucky enough to remain friends, best friends, with those little girls we made those plans with.
Well, I'm lucky enough.
Meet my Golden Girls.

Yes, the name is based off of the show. But the name fits, trust me. Just like Blanche had her Dorothy, Rose and Sophia - I have my Golden Girls. And Golden they are, too.

Considering that the four of us have been friends since we were 5 years old there are very few memories that I have that don't include them. As far as my childhood goes, they are in each memory.
They are the reason I got many spankings.
But they are also the reason my parents lengthened my curfew (we were good girls.)
They are the reason I fell in love with New Kids on the Block.
And they are, thankfully, the reason I fell out of love with them.
They were my dates on many a Friday night and my escort to a certain Homecoming game.
They were my biggest fans.
They still are my biggest fans.
When I got married they stood beside me.
When I buried my son, they stood beside me.
They had my back.
Now they have my heart.

This is special what we have. It's rare for four best friends in the 1st grade to be best friends at this stage in life. But that is the Golden Girls.
They are indeed, golden.
Rare. Precious.


Nickie said...
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Nickie said...

You can't imagine what this meant to me today. I needed to hear from my Golden Girls and didn't even realize it. I love you. You made me remember who I am.
Thank You. xoxoxo
All my love, Sophia