Jun 26, 2011

So Many Things. So Very Many Things.

I always say, "I have nothing to write about on my blog anymore, Attorney General. You are providing me with no real life-experiences. Take me on a vacation. Take me out on date. Just drive me around the neighborhood!" And then he reminds me, "Did I take you to Dairy Queen last night?"

And I am reminded, once again, of his never-ending and abounding love for me.

And I thank God for him.

And then I roll my eyes at the atrocious lack of real-life experiences I am being given on a daily basis. (Though, for the record: I am taking my mother to see her doctor in Houston on Wednesday. So stay tuned. Surely to heaven something wonderful will come out of that little excursion.)

So, in a fashion that isn't fit for print, here are a couple of things I'd like to say before I close down my blog for another 14 days. Oh hush...I'm kidding.


My family has often joked about the fact that I tend to have some difficulty in "following along." I don't ever understand rules to games. I have yet to understand one single thing Jason Bourne is doing or saving or killing or shooting at. And I usually sit straight up in bed 20 minutes after Law & Order is over and shout, "I knew she did it! I knew she did." Even though I had watched her be convicted some 30 minutes earlier.

So, what I'm saying is....it takes me a bit.

Take this weekend for instance. We saw Cars 2. For all of those out there who care, I don't like Cars. Not a big fan. Love Toy Story. Adored Nemo. But Cars? Aah. So imagine my delight when the AG took us all to see Cars 2 this weekend. Which I was fine with. There was popcorn. It was air-conditioned. And we enjoyed ourselves. But I will leave you with this: If you have to look at your husband 1 hour and 14 minutes in to a Pixar movie and ask, "I don't understand what is going on. I don't even know who the bad cars are. And I hate anything even remotely having to do with James Bond."

Did you know that James Bond has absolutely nothing to do with Cars 2? Well, he doesn't - even though people are talking in a British accent and driving cars that have guns on the side of them. So even at this moment, I'm totally confused.


How is y'alls summer going? Mine is okay. We swim alot.

Remi is a great swimmer. Really great. She can dive and hold her breath for a long time and float and do the backstroke and she's really really good. Honest!

Rocco is 100% completely mesmerized by "oobies."

This presents a problem.

We may have to stop swimming for a while.


I heard a story the other day that has stuck with me.

My Pastor went and preached a wedding in a trailer house to a couple who had just gotten saved. They had been living together and once they gave their hearts to the Lord they wanted nothing more than to do right by Him, so they got married. When the wedding was over they gave him the only "payment" they had.

A bag of cucumbers and tomatoes.

I miss the simplicity of giving sometime. The excitement of taking what I have - as little or as much as it is - and giving it. To God. To others. To my family. To my friends. To those who need it.

I over think it. I balance it in my checkbook. I consider it when payday comes. I add it up in my head and deduct it from my monthly. I set aside time to figure out when I can set aside time. I make a plan to make a plan to make a plan to give. Of myself. Or my time. Or my talents.

And I forget that sometimes cucumbers and tomatoes in a brown paper bag are plenty. When given with a level of obedience and excitement.

It's that simple.


And lastly, on a completely unrelated note: George Clooney broke up with his girlfriend.

I found out this news on Thursday at Chili's as I was eating lunch with some friends. And for one pretty long moment I felt this level of excitement. The kind of excitement you feel when they guy you wanted to ask you to prom asked the girl with swan-like neck instead but then you found out she had a 4-wheeler accident and was going to be in a wheelchair during prom. (TRUE STORY!) And so you get all overcome and excited again because - there's still a chance!!! And that is honestly how I felt before I remembered that I was
a.) married
b.) the mother of two small children
c.) eating at Chili's

Chances are he's not a fan of any of the three.

But my friend brought me back to life when she said the article she read said that if you want to get lucky with Clooney you need to make sure you're a "little-known brunette." That is his apparent taste. So I suppose I will continue to stay married, parent my children and dip my chips in Ranch dressing because I'm a "well-known blond" and I don't see that changing any time soon.

G'day, my lovelies.


Rachel said...

I had the same reaction to the news of our George's single status. However my sister in law made me promise that if it comes down to me or her I'd step aside and let her have him. Yeah I am that nice...

Theda said...

I had that feeling when Keith Urban broke up with that too skinny really too young for him model child he dated that time. But it didn't pan out for us - I too was married, and a mom who eats ranch dressing. But for the record, I have been compared to Nicole Kidman - not my appearance so much as how much my personality scares the cousin who made the declaration. I guess he was comparing me to some scary character she played in a movie. :-/

Brittany said...

Ah, the story about your preacher touched my soul SO MUCH - I had to repeat it on my own blog, but I definitely linked back to you... thank you so much for that this morning, I needed it.


Anonymous said...

I read this post and your very next post and I laughed so hard. You don't know me but I got to your blog off of a friends blog. Thanku for the laugh!

Paula said...

I'm slow too apparently- it took me a minute with the oobie thing.
But I got it. Finally.
Great story about the cucumbers and tomatoes...
I had an elderly lady from church give me a clothes iron at my wedding shower that was at least 50 years old- I kid you not, green-checked cord and all.
I smiled and thanked her, mildly embarrassed, but later I found out she was on a very small income and couldn't afford to shop for a gift, but she didn't want to come to my shower empty-handed...
It still makes me stop and think how little things can mean a lot sometimes, not the gift, but the thought.
Oh well, I'll shut up now since I've already written a book.
Love love love your blog...

Unknown said...

I'm so happy that I re-discovered your blog. You just totally made me smile...I really needed a little boost today!


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