Feb 21, 2011

Take Me Out To The Circus.

Several weeks ago I asked for help.

Remi's school was having a Circus for the 4year old class and so we were required to dress them up and decorate a bike or a scooter for them to ride. Some see this as a wonderful thing that the school puts on, I see it as a brazen attempt to punish parents for caring for their children too much, for loving on them, for raising them up right, etc.

But then again, I've always been a glass is half empty kinda girl.

Anyway, I asked for some suggestions for Remi the Lion Tamer. My gut told me that there would be 30 little girls in 4K dressed as dancers and Remi should be something different. My gut was wrong, there were 40 dancers. I've never been so proud to have a child dressed like Elton John in my life!

Laura and Amanda helped me find this outfit at www.leapsandbounds.com (just in case you yourself are trying to outfit a lion tamer, a ring master or an Elton John impersonator.) I knew the minute I saw it that my bloggy friends had not steered me wrong! Thanks, girlies.

Sweet Susie even offered her services for helping me make something. But there was no way I was going to take her up on that for fear that she would ask me to sew on a button or thread a needle. Nope. Wasn't going there.

We eventually had to get my Granny to make the burgundy vest that went underneath the jacket because Remi has recently hit a growth spurt and every time she raised her hands her leotard did some kind of Pamela Anderson plunge that her daddy wasn't wild about.

This is Remi on her cat wrangler bike. I know you wish you could buy a bike like this, all covered in cheetah print and feathers, but I assure you - you can't. It's easy to make, though: you just sit up until midnight in the living room floor with your spouse, wrap a bike in crepe paper, make a sign on construction paper and fight with each other saying things like, "Why didn't I get this done yesterday? Because I was busy eating bonbons, that's why." "Whaddaya mean, I'm not sensitive? I'm wrapping a Barbie bike in cheetah print! I'm working with gold bows and fur. And I think I just hot glued my finger to a training wheel!"

I love this picture because her hands were in the air. Which is to say that most of the time they were in her clothes or in her backside. That durn leotard kept creeping into places that it really shouldn't have. Remi was quite upset about it, at one point she dropped her baton and told the little boy beside her to pick it up. I couldn't quite tell what she was saying to him but when I asked her later she said, "I told him I can't bend over cuz my behind will hurt." Four year old men just have no idea!

See what I mean?

Personally, I think they put her on the top because she was the cutest. But maybe it was because no one would be seen over her top hat. Either way, cutest kid there. But maybe that's just me.


Gail said...

I think she is the cutest. You did a great job!

katy said...

Now THAT is cute!!! Love the outfit!! :)

Amanda said...

Awesome! That outfit is great, and I LOVE the hat! She is such a cutie. My mom would have said "you going to the movies?" every time I picked my butt like that. I finally asked her to explain it to me - I was picking my seat. Only sorta funny.