Feb 13, 2011

I Am My Daddy's And He Is Mine.

I think is speaks a lot about a man who takes his little girl out on a date.
I think it speaks VOLUMES if that little girl is Remi Hope.

I wish you could have heard him ask her out.

"Remi, would you be my Valentine and go out on a date with me tonight? I'd like to pick you up and we can go anywhere you want to..."
"To see Gnomeo and Juliet?"
"If that's what you want..."
"And to eat sushi?"

"Yep, if that's where you want to..."
"Well it is."
"Then I'll pick you up at 5."

"Is that when the sun is up or down?"
"The sun will still be up."
"Okay, I'll see you then."

He wasn't aware of the "don't kiss on the first date rule". He wasn't aware of that with me 17 years ago and apparently he still hasn't get the memo. Ah well. He's too sweet to refuse.

(And someone please notice that little foot kicked back. Please! Hers. Not his.)

Here they are headed out. I'm not a proud mama at all, am I? Following them out like I'm a photographer for US magazine. She was somewhat proud of the balloon and rose. It followed her to every landmark they visited. I'm sure the folks behind her at the movies were thrilled about that.

And what kind of date is it if the guy doesn't open the car door for you? Its not a date, that's what! The AG's parents may have messed up a lot of things with him (for instance, he refuses to hang up a wet towel, he's not great at picking up his clothes, he would eat junk food like a Bachelor every day of his life if I'd let him and I have to remind him about the trash every. single. day.) but he treats his daughter like a princess and I haven't opened a car door in 17 years. Hmmm...well, whaddayaknow...I suppose they did teach him some things!

And yes, that is a front seat.
And no, there isn't a car seat in it.
And yes, she sat there.

But they were on a date! Please look up Child Protective Services for the State of Texas if you'd like to have him turned in. But you should feel ashamed if you do.

As much as I'm going to enjoy going out with him tonight it did more good for my heart to see him take her on a date. It probably did more for her 4-year old heart than she'd ever let us know, too. Going on a date with a daddy who cherishes you instills a confidence in you that can't be measured or equaled. Not to mention, later on in life, every man must try and measure up to the standard your daddy set. And having been with the AG for all these years now, I can tell you, no one ever will.

Happy Valentines Day!


Ess said...

Awwww too sweet!:)

Rachel said...

Such a sweet memory to have!

Wade's World said...

Love, love, love this!! I've just started taking my 4 year old son on dates, and it is the best feeling in the world.

So sweet!!

Lisa said...

This could quite easily be the most precious story with pictures that I have read in a loooonnnnggg time. Love it!!

ugagirl30 said...

Awwww....I have such a blogger crush on the AG now! I know that made her feel like a queen! Kudos to him for making her so special!

Austin & Amanda Wallis said...

Wonderful. I used to go on an annual special date with my daddy and I truly believe what you said about her standards - no man could possibly have made it into my life without living up to the way my dad was. Some of my best childhood memories for sure. Nice work AG, and great job recounting it for us to read :)

Andi said...

How precious is that!

Now, I'm off to find your local child protective services...

I kid! I jest!

Cari said...

Precious! He's a keeper! On a totally different note when I glanced at the pick of him opening the car door I thought "what in the heck kind of antenna is hanging off the trunk of that mercedes! does the AG have a cb radio in that sucker?" Then I realized it was a power line coming off the power pole. Whoops

Laurel said...

I love that little foot! How precious. AND now, I am going to go ask my hubby to do that for our daughter. She needs it.

Shae said...

Aww! This reminds me so much of how my daddy was with me. This is the sweetest! I agree with you about how it builds self-esteem & confidence, too. Nobody (not even my hubby) can take the place of my sweet daddy! :)