Jan 24, 2011

Weekends Are Like "Must See TV" But Without the TV.

Normally on Mondays I write some ridiculous drivel about how terrible my weekend was and how the kids got on my nerves.

But not today.

I mean, those two things did happen - make no mistake - I'm just not going to blog about them. I think its safe to say you know me well enough by now to know that when the weekend rolls around it looks absolutely no different than say a Tuesday morning or a Thursday night. Except that on Thursday nights 30 Rock comes on. So actually, the weekend feels just like a Wednesday afternoon with no good T.V.

We passed a stomach bug around our house like a pair of dice. Finally one of us rolled double two's and we were able to pass it off to some other poor sucker. But as soon as we were bug-free, Rocco picked up the "crud." If you live in Texas then you know what the "crud" is: its a scratchy throat, a nagging cough, a runny nose and triple sneezes. Its kind of like a "cold" but with a southern twist. If you talk to anyone I go to church with or that is in my family and you say, "Rocco has the crud," they know exactly what you're talking about.

So we spent most of our weekend inside. Except for the AG who had the unenviable task of walking the woods all around our house looking for Jessie, our dog of almost 13 years. Sweet Jessie. She was nowhere to be found. And before you think that maybe she was picked up by the pound, she wasn't. Jessie is quite old (17 to be exact) and never leaves home. Her ears aren't what they used to be, neither are her eyes, and our heart tells us that she probably wandered into the woods and "laid down for a nap and ended up in heaven." (Remi's words. Perfect.)

I know you all must think that either Rocco never says anything or that he never says anything funny, since I am always telling you Remi stories. But the truth is, that little boy is so sweet and he hasn't really gotten to the age of showing his personality. When he does I'll be sure and let you know. Until then, I'll let you get your Monday off to a good start by telling you....

Last night Remi was playing a game where she gets us to look the other way while she slaps a sticker on our forehead. It's a fun game that I love to play over and over and over and over. (not.) The trick is getting us to turn our heads. For instance, she can say to her daddy, "Look daddy, Rocco is getting some applesauce" and chances are he won't turn around because, really, who cares about that? But if she were to say, "Look daddy! Catherine Zeta Jones just walked in," you can bet the man would look. So when it was her turn to get me to look away, what do you think her little 4 year old brain came up with? Can't think? Let me tell you, she said, "Look momma! There's some cake!"

Yep, she did.

And dadgum it if I didn't fall for it.

Made ya look!


Rachel said...

I would have looked too! Fun times!

Crazy Me said...

How disappointed where you that there wasn't actually any cake. How cruel that was!

Andi said...

So about that fast...

My daughter always refused to kiss me on the lips. We are big lip kissers in my family...Even my sisters, brother, everyone...I would pretend I was going to let her kiss my cheek then swoop my head around and plant a big ole smacker on her lips.

And she would laugh maniacally.

Amanda said...

I couldn't stop laughing. That's hilarious. I hope your fast is going well!!

Christine said...

That cracks me up. My four year old loves to say "Mom, I pooped my pants" When I scream WHAT!! He goes April Fools, despite the fact it is January. Gotta love em.

Givinya De Elba said...

Cake! That girl is hilarious!