Jan 31, 2011

5 Very Unimportant Things.

Here are five very (un)important things I did this weekend...

1. Ended my sweets fast!!!! Oh yes, I did. Hallelujah and pass the plate of Twinkies! My fast was supposed to end on Sunday. My fast ended on Saturday night. Do I feel bad about this? Why no, I do not at all, but thank you for asking. Because on Saturday night my fast ended with my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies. And I washed them down with a coke float. And God said, "It is good."

Oh and ya know those people that say if you stay away from sweets for a period of time you really do lose the taste for them? Well, they're right! After about 15 days I started getting a lot more cravings for things like fruit. Or salad. Some days I would even satisfy my sweet teeth by sipping on water or Crystal Light. I also would find there were some days I didn't want to drive my car I just wanted to take my submarine to work. And once, about 12 days in to my fast, I wanted sweets really badly but instead I went outside and spent time in nature; I petted a lamb who was sipping water from a crystal stream out behind my house. It spoke to me and calmed my fears. Later that evening, instead of ice cream, I craved a bowl of nuggets....nuggets of wisdom, that is. And I digested the nuggets and they made me full of creativity, not negativity.

Yeah...those people are big fat liars.

Its was 21 days and I wanted to eat ice cream from the container and throw an apple in someones face. So Praise God!

2. On Saturday night I played dominoes with my family and unfortunately the Attorney General was there. Which is a lot like playing dominoes with Stalin. Only rumor has it, Stalin would occasionally lay the rule book down.

3. I watched Ramona and Beezus. I cried. Do you want to know why I cried? Then watch Ramona and Beezus and then spend five minutes with Remi Hope and you will see my future flash before your eyes.

Sunday morning in the middle of our Sunday School teachers lesson a guy in our class had to leave early, so as he snuck out of the back door ever so quietly he opened the door up right as you heard another Sunday School teacher coming down the hall yelling, "REEEEMMMMMIIIIIIII!" And as the adults in my Sunday school class began to laugh at my pain, all I could think about was Ramona and Beezus and how all of this would be fair if I could just get the kid in a movie where her in-ability to behave would pay me millions.

4. I was leading worship at church this Sunday and as I was on the stage, right smack dab in the middle of a song, I forgot about how uncomfortable my shoes were and I quit worrying about how my hair looked and I just worshipped. And suddenly, everything else took a backseat to the fact that at that moment I was giving glory where it was most deservedly due. And everything in my world felt right, even my shoes, because I was satisfying Him. And something about that makes you feel like all is right with the world.

5. Sunday night I attempted to play dominoes again, this time with some couple friends. And, of course, the Attorney General was there. And I wondered to myself during the game, "Did Eva Braun ever play dominoes with Hitler? And if so, did she make him follow up a double in Mexican train?" Doubtful.


Andi said...

YOU PETTED A LAMB!!!??? Wow. That fasting is powerful stuff! Did a butterfly land on your finger even though it is December?

You are hilarious. Thanks for that laugh. I REALLY needed it. I have to go to work tonight and stay there through at least Wednesday as we are expecting a possible blizzard. Apparently my family will be enjoying snow days without me.

Now, I ask you: Why don't hospitals get snow days?

Ah, the injustice of it all!

Shelley said...

COngratulations on your making your fast. That's really an awesome thing.
As for REmi, I love your stories and they make me smile.
I so wish I was brave enough to get up in front of my church and praise and worship like I feel like I could.

missy said...

could've peed my pants about the lamb-petting by the stream fantasy. though i had no healthy food suggestions for you during your fast, i have one for you now...mint, fudge dipped oreos. i am not really a mint person. and i'm not even an oreo person. (though i most assuredly am a fudge person) but these limited edition babies are yummy goodness!!

Amanda said...

Congrats on your fast! Did you loose any weight during it? That's part of what makes it all worth it - that and the whole 'obeying God' thing. :) Your number 4 was great. I had the opposite experience this Sunday. I was up there thinking about my arms-if I should raise them or hold them out, if it would bring my shirt up too far if I raise them high, if that couple that just walked in had been here before, was I supposed to sing melody on this line or harmony, I hope I don't yawn during this song, I can't hear so-and-so in the monitor as well as I'd like, boy is the guitar super loud today....you know, all the wrong stuff to be focused on. Some days are like that I guess. Glad you had some authentic worship yesterday! :)