Nov 8, 2010

Same Song. Second Verse.

Isn't this just the way it always is?

Hi. My name is Minnie Mouse, but you can call me Super Girl. Well, actually you can call me "I'm-Minnie-Mouse-But-I-wanted-To-Be-Super-Girl-But-My-Momma-Said-No." I actually didn't say "no." What I did say was, "Why didn't you tell me you wanted to be Super Girl before I spent four days in front of eBay and $400 on a Minnie Mouse outfit?" To which she replied, "Because I just found out about her."

So there she was. Halloween night. I could have escaped from Alcatraz with less effort and in less time than it took for me to dress that child. By the time she was all finished I had sweated off three pounds of my Snookie make-up!!

Oh, and look! Here she is exactly 12 minutes after arriving outside for the party. No one had gotten there yet and she is upset that no one is there to see her and take her picture. I know the feeling. I know I'm a proud momma but I think she's cute. I will admit, however, she lost some of her Disney-esque appeal when I overheard her tell a little boy who cut in front of her in line, "Don't make me take my ears off!"

This is Rocco. He's Mickey Mouse. Did you know Mickey Mouse pinches if he doesn't get his way. Yeah, he does.

This is an outfit that I bid on for a solid week on eBay. I shouted Hallelujahs the day I beat out five other momma's who wanted to dress their little tike in a Disney outfit but didn't want to pay Disney prices. IN YOUR FACE OTHER MOMMA'S!!

No, In MY face.

Because here is Mickey exactly 9 1/2 minutes after the costume had been put on him. He cried until either I had to remove it or make like my Snookie character and drink myself into oblivion. I decided to remove it, but not without thinking of those other poor mothers who missed their chance to outbid me. I knew that they were somewhere that night sipping some sweet tea while their little one ran around in a $12 Target costume that they had no trouble parting with the next day. Not me, that outfit still hangs in the bedroom and every once in a while you'll hear me say, "Anyone want to dress up for $15 a minute? That's how much mommy paid!"

So far there have been no takers.

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