Oct 31, 2010


I have this fear.

My big fear is that somewhere, someone is throwing a party. And its a lot of fun. And I'm not invited.

Brrrrrr.....chills just thinking about it.

So this year I decided to face my fears. And throw the party myself so I would be sure not to leave myself off my list. And it worked!

So on Saturday night, me and 113 of my closest friends gathered in the pasture beside my house (because that's how you do it in the 75904) and partied like we weren't really white Christians who don't believe in smoking, drinking or dancing, but do like to party down to some Micheal McDonald and Greatest Hits of the 80's.

Okay, it wasn't that white.

Yeah, okay, it sorta was.

We didn't have a bonfire because the State of Texas called a state-wide burn ban and I didn't have $500 to pay the fine if I were to obtain one. And also because it was a wig party, and if one little flame got loose, trust me, that place would have gone up like a March wind. So instead we had three flaming fire pits. Twelve people nearly died but the s'mores were excellent. (Kidding, Rick Perry.)

We also had volleyball. And hayrides. And an 18 foot bouncy house slide that I cannot believe we ever debated on getting because oh, it kept those kids busy and oh, how they stayed out of our wigs and oh, how nice it was!! And we had music and we had food and we had fun.

We also had some great wigs....

Great costumes...

And a surprise appearance from the pervert who you always see in the starring role on Law & Order: SVU.

Aren't I brave for facing my Halloween fears? See you next year!


Stretch Marks said...

Nice pics..!

Earl said...

Great wig party! Nice photos, too! I've seen different kinds of wigs in this post which reminds me of my cousin, Marie. She loves to wear fashionable wigs like lace wigs, aspen wigs, new born free wigs and sepia wigs. Thanks for sharing your latest Halloween experience, Melissa!