May 18, 2010

Sweet mercy, what have I done?

I think Rocco responded with the disdain and disgust that most young boys do, so his daddy is happy about that.

But her? She's glued. GLUED. And I am now reaping the years I sowed into The New Kids on the Block.

I blame you, Donny Wahlberg, I blame you.


Kat said...

Donny? Who cares about Donny?

Joey is where its at!

I lol'ed at your commentary (although I must admit I have no idea who they are watching...)

Sissy said...

Whoa. It's all I can say. Stop the madness.

Stretch Mark Removal said...

This is really funny!

Thanks for posting :)

Jennifer said...

I had never seen this beiber kid (is that how you spell it?) until the other night. I was pretty surprised... if I were a teeny bopper I would surely be swooning! :)