Apr 12, 2010



Did anyone see it? And if so, what did you think?

The Attorney General and I went to see it at a Saturday matinee (hellloooooo $5) with some friends and we gave it...


Of course our rating system goes as follows: One star - we hated it. Two stars - we liked it.

So as you can see, we aren't very technical in our process. But if it makes me laugh out loud then I'm up for it, and this one did. Of course it's Tina. And if you've been reading this blog for very long at all then you know how I feel about Tina. Let's just say I give her two stars.

We topped off our Saturday matinee with some Mexican food and a little game playing. That's right, I can do it all on crutches, baby. You can't stop me! You can't stop me! And let's be honest, nothing says "great Saturday" like a little Tina Fey humor, a chili rellano and some Loaded Questions: Adults Version.

*I would hearby like to state for the record that the Adult Version may indeed be very adulty, but my girlfriend - whom I borrowed it from - felt it necessary to go through the game cards and only send those she felt appropriate. So we only ended up answering questions that only got as naughty as: "Name one celebrity whom you would NOT want to receive a Swedish massage from." (P.S. Larry King...it's not lookin' good for you.) So if you go and get the game and it's all naughty and such, don't blame me. My game was edited for content because I embarrass easily. Okay, I don't embarrass easily. And I didn't put down Larry King either. (Can you guess who??)

Sunday ended just as good with The AG planting all sorts of lovely items in our flower beds, my kids running and jumping until they fell sound asleep, a pizza, someone other than me giving my kids a bath and a late night viewing of The Sixth Sense - which I just happen to catch on TV and can still make me jump to this day. (Tell me...how did we never know the truth the first time we watched it?? Admit it. You didn't know either.)

It was a great weekend 'round here. I would love to give it three stars, but then that blows our system completely to heck. So, how was yours?


Angela Larson said...

Our weekend in France was magnifique! (As they say..) We basked in the sunshine in a green field surrounded by blossoming cherry trees. And now, I'm sitting at our kitchen table eating baguettes and blocks of cheese. Mmmmmm..

Maurie said...

Tina Fey doesn't always make me chuckle, but you do! Thanks for the post. I posted today on my daughter who may be about your age...I am trying to get readers beyond my family and friends, so if you have a minute take a look and tell me what you think! http://graciousinteriors.blogspot.com/2010/04/pass-it-on.html?spref=fb

dlaynathompson said...

I just love your blog. So many of your stories remind me of my own family.

Kelly said...

I recently found your blog and I love it! And thanks for the movie rating; I've wanted to see this, but couldn't decide whether it was theatre worthy or DVD worthy.

Evi said...

Hey there...I haven't blogged in over a year (long story...my blog got evicted into oblivion some how, along with all of my friend links, so I just gave up!) ...but I'm back. Not sure if you remember me...I sure remember you though and was so glad to have found you through some other old bloggy friends.
See you around!

martha said...

Hi there.

I don't even have a blog I'm trying to unashamedly advertise here.

I just wanted to answer your question. Yes we saw the movie. Yes we liked it. Yes, I ACHE from laughing so hard. YES, I'm embarrassed at its coarseness. It didn't have to get so raunchy. But it was funny.