Apr 8, 2010

And This Is The Post That Grandparents, Aunts and Family Members Require Me To Post. Sorry.

The Easter Bunny came. He had originally brought some Reese's peanut butter eggs, but strangely, they never made into the baskets. Remi asked the million dollar question, "So a big huge bunny comes into our house, drops off a couple of candies and then watches me sleep?"
I must admit...it seems kinda creepy, no?

Maybe I'm just partial, but this picture doesn't do her justice. She was a doll. And aren't hose a wonderful thing? They covered up the fifteen places where she had fallen the week before, or the cat had scratched her or her brother had bitten a plug out of her.

As cute as he looks, his attitude was that bad. He wouldn't stand, he wouldn't smile and he certainly wouldn't let his sister touch him. Remi said, "I don't think he knows it's Easter and that JESUS IS DEAD!!!" (*Note to self: Re-teach the Easter story to my children.)

Rumor has it that his shirt was all tucked in, his tie was perfectly in place, but that the moment we dropped him off in Sunday School he lifted his shirt and walked around with his finger in his belly button the entire time. But I guess that's boys for ya.....don't matter where it itches, they gonna scratch it. Yuck.

Once she heard there was candy in those eggs, she was off! I haven't seen her move that fast since we told her a huge bunny comes into her room at night and watches her sleep.

Here's what is great about Rocco hunting eggs: He picks up one and drops four more in the process. Not only is it cute, but after a while you realize he hasn't moved from the one square inch he started in. But did I mention, cute?


Sissy said...

I love how Remi explains Easter! How funny! And yes, they are cute.

oldwomaninashoe said...

Precious. Totally precious!! BTW,love Fancy Nancy books. She's such a girly girl.

Unknown said...

So I stumbled upon your blog and I have to say it had me laughing...keep up the good blogging and check me out over at wwww.adiamondntherough.blogspot.com

Janis said...

So cute! And I, for one, love the pics! I'm with granny and your mom on this one!