Mar 2, 2010

Yeah I Know, I Saw It.

If today you are looking for a recap then you came to the wrong place. How can I possibly recap 14 hours of The Bachelor? It can't be done. I've tried. So instead this post will be an expose' on opinion.


Last night on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose Jake chose Vienna. I knew he would, US Magazine told me several weeks ago. (They ruin everything for me and yet I continually buy them.) And although I am not entirely happy with his choice, I am also not entirely sad. And also, I don't entirely care.

Which makes me sad to say, honestly. Because at some point this season I did care. But then I lost interest. Do you think I am starting to lose interest in this show? Could this be happening? Do you think I am - dare I say it - growing up?

Nooooooooooo. This can't be.

For years I have been the girl that sat quietly by and bit her lip while all those around me not only dissed The Bachelor/Bachelorette series itself, but also all of those who choose to participate. Who am I to say why some people decide to go on television to find love? Why do some people go on television in a sports bra and spandex to lose weight? Why do some people eat rice and coconut for 30 days, sleep in the rain and forgo bathing? Who knows. All I know is, I watch it. Reality television must have had my picture up in their offices on the day they decided all these shows because I. am. a. sucker.

Yet there are those who say my obsession with The Bachelor is ridiculous, while they run home to make sure their TiVo is set for Jack Bauer. Honestly? The AG loves him some Jack, make no mistake about it, and I am only dogging it because he is out of town and can't stop me from writing this. But how many times can one man save the world? And yet you find it hard to believe that 25 girls would compete for a pilot. Apparently you've never met 25 girls.

But all that being said, there was something about The Bachelor that just grew a little stale for me towards the end of this season. Maybe it was all the spoilers that were all over the media and magazines. Maybe knowing what's going to happen before it happens really does take the fun out of it. (Spoiler alert: Jack Bauer saves the world again. You heard it here, people!) Or maybe, I'm moving on. Even American Idol is holding nothing for me this season. And it's not the talent. And it's certainly not the removal of Paula. It's just.......blah. It's all just kind of blah.

And so, last night, I watched three of the most awkward moments culminate on one television show:
1. Vienna meeting Jakes parents and their look of total disgust.
2. Jake telling Tenley that there was no "heat" when what he really meant was "how do you expect me to know if there's chemistry if you keep acting with total class and moral integrity?"
3. Jeffrey Osborn returning to sing On The Wings of Love which was cheezy in 1982 and was therefore nausearific in 2010.

And although one episode had all those wonderful moments it still wasn't enough to keep me from thinking about...the dirty dishes in my sink, the laundry in my dryer, the runny nose of my one year old, the way my three year old lit up today when I painted her nails, how much I'll miss The AG when he leaves town tomorrow, how my two kiddos are getting shots tomorrow and they have no idea and my need to fix my parents a meal to thank them for all the free babysitting they've provided lately.

And then it hit me! This is my reality.

And though you'll never catch me in spandex, I wouldn't trade it for the world. And certainly not a pilot.


MBush said...

I love that you love your reality as much as I love mine. (That's a lot of love!)

Joyce said...

I watched this season (I wrote about it today)...haven't seen the show since Krista but my college aged daughters watch and we've had some interesting and fun conversations.

I think you've nailed it when you talk about reality. The spoilers certainly take away the fun but I think too its that the program has become such a 'show.' I can't say I'd watch another season and I know for sure I do not want to see Jake on DWS-ick.

Have fun in the real world today : )

Vickie said...

I certainly love my reality!

My hubby had the show pegged a long time ago. He referenced Gilligan's Island and asked me - would Jake rather have "Ginger" or "MaryAnn"? The answer is simple - guys are so predictable sometimes. Of course, Jake went with Ginger!

Karen Carter said...

My niece and I decided since we dont drink we would eat chocolate kisses every time they said "journey" Unfortunately we went into a sugar coma and lost count. But will we watch next season even though I hate myself for it? Heck yes, Its who we are? So Allie can leave her "facebook" job now for months? seems suspicious to me. Why do I get sucked in every single time. Darn it...

Sissy said...

Reality Steve had the whole season spelled out weeks ago, and I continue to wonder who is feeding him his information. It was correct, and on the money.

I watched while IMing with a friend who was also watching and we had more fun doing that, than actually watching Jake break Tenley's heart and propose to Miss CrossEyed.

I told my husband that this is my football season. He yells and cheers for his teams and I have the Bachelor. Yup.

Oh, and worst quote of the night? "Vienna's my baby." Gag.

Debbie said...

I'm having too much reality in my own family to worry about Jake and Bimbo. Such is the fantasy world of reality tv! haha I'm enjoying keeping up with you! :)

Kim Avery said...

You make me smile and it doesn't get any better than that!