Mar 8, 2010

Sandy And I Are Going To Laugh and Laugh About This Over Lunch.

What a weekend it has been.

First, I win an award. Then Sandra Bullock wins an award. And mixed in the middle was Remi pulling her pants down at the Farmers Market. Wow. Good times, good times.

So on Friday I noticed that several people kept commenting on my blog about this award I had won. You have to know that I immediately thought two things:
1. How embarrassing that they have me confused with someone else.
2. Do you think this could, at all, be about my hair?

Alas, it was not about my hair, and I did in fact win an award. Well, a blog award. Which is not, ya know, an Oscar or anything, but its better than the time my high school voted me Worst Driver two years running!!

And yet not as good as the time I entered a chili-cook off, had made too much chili so I had to pour it in two separate pots and ended up winning first and second place. Oh yeah! That's right. Hate the game - not the player, people!

So Internet Cafe Devotions gave out an award to the Top 100 blogs based off of the nominations they received and I came in Second on the Cup of The Day Blog: This blogger is the "cup" you couldn't do without. You find yourself daily drawn in to sit a spell. You leave inspired and encouraged.

Did you hear that? Second. Which is wonderful considering I didn't even know I was nominated, but horrible if I go and read all the wisdom and humor from the lady that came in first. I'm not sure who she is, but chances are she was never voted worst driver and her chili is scared of my chili. I'm just sayin'. Actually, I'm sure she's wonderful so here is her blog, go check her out. *Do I not totally remind y'all of Jesus right now? How I am not at all hindered by her number one position or threatened that ya'll will leave me for her? Sometimes I scare myself, I'm so good.

We celebrated my big win this weekend with lots of 4-wheeler riding and shrub buying. And no, that is not "code" for anything. I actually rode a 4-wheeler. And I actually went shopping for shrubs. (My aunt is so relieved right now, as she probably thought I had gotten involved in some redneck gang who vandalizes the elderly on fast moving vehicles and deals "shrub" on the side.) Actually we weren't celebrating as much as we were just thrilled the weather was perfect and we wanted out of our little Snow White cottage.

We also ate some chicken.

Don't go gettin' crazy jealous on me now, okay?

And then last night I topped off the weekend with watching Sandra Bullock receive her much deserved Academy Award. Yes, the Academy may have given it to her for The Blind Side (which was wonderful, might I add) but I believe she won it for all the times I stayed up late watching While You Were Sleeping with hot chocolate in one hand and a Kleenex in the other. ("Peter once asked me when I fell in love with Jack. And I told him. It was 'while you were sleeping.'")

Or the times I laughed till my side hurt watching her in Miss Congeniality ("...its lite beer and she's gonna throw it up anyway.")

Or cringing when she had to interview for a job with an old classmate on Hope Floats ("I know what you meant Birdee...people change as they get older, we improve...but gosh, you look exactly the same.")

I would say I'm her biggest fan, but then again it might be that lady that beat me out for first place, who can really say. All I know is last night I was so proud of Sandy that I raised my ol' glass of iced tea to the television set and said, "I could be wearing a dress like that right now....if it weren't for eatin' all that dang chili!"

And your favorite Sandra Bullock movie is?


MBush said...

Definitely Hope Floats. Gotta love the cream of corn!
Congrats! I must say, the "Cup" is a nice change from the chasing of the kiddos. 5 minutes of bliss....most days :)

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the blog award. I just love reading here. Love the fact that I'm always drying my eyes usually from laughing, but I never know what to expect when I arrive. You have a gift for keepin it real. Thanks.

Hope Floats is my favorite, but The Blind Side is a very close second. She plays Southern women well. Is she one of us? She does have good hair.

Deb said...

Congrats on your exciting...of course it can't top 4 wheeling and shrub buying...I mean a girls got to have her priorities.....

Sissy said...

I am such a big Sandra Bullock fan, but my husband is an even bigger fan and has a crush on her, too. I loved While You Were Sleeping, I like her in the first Speed, Hope Floats and although I haven't seen it yet, I'm sure she was great in the Blind Side and in Crash. She just seems like we could all be friends with her.

Karen Carter said...

While you were sleeping hands down! When the Greeks get crazy and all talk at once we turn to each other and say "who said Sid Ceaser was tall" SOOO many great lines. She was fantastic and her speech was so moving. And again your speech would probably come in second?

Shelley said...

I LOVE all her movies but my favorite is The Lake House.....(cause I'm diggin on some Keanu in it) and then again, I love The Blind Side....or maybe it is Two Weeks Notice....I can't make up my mind, but she ROCKS!!!!!
Congratulations on your award.

Jeanine said...

omg i don't think i've seen a sandra bullock movie that i didn't like. i really love the proposal and miss congeniality and hope floats and the lake house... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Miss Congeniality I and II both rock. But I also loved her in A Time to Kill. Like Jeanine, I don't think I've ever seen her in a movie I didn't like. But I confess, I haven't seen all her movies.

And congratulations on your award! You are the only blog I follow because ... well, no one can compare to you!

Jenni said...

Oh my word. I don't know who you are, but you had me Sandra Bullock.

When Jack slips the ring through the window at the subway station and gives her...that know the one...and says "I need to ask you a question"...and she says...

"I'm sorry. I can't. Not without a token."

Ahhhh....mercy...dang if I don't feel 18 again and madly in love with Bill Pullman...