Mar 5, 2010

Letterman Would Be Proud.

Top 10 Signs Your Mother Has A New i phone.

10. Her friends are now contacting you because they suddenly can't reach her on her phone. In the one week she's had it you have made her two lunch appointments and a dental cleaning.

9. She carries it around the house staring at it like its kryptonite.

8. She says she is learning to "do that new thing everyone is doing. You know that thing people talk about. Sexting." She means texting.

7. When you ask her to text you she replies with "only if you text me first."

6. She accidentally assigned a doorbell as her ring tone.
She walked to the front door 12 times the first day.

5. She then assigned a motorcycle starting up as her next ring tone. She didn't answer her phone for a week and thought her neighbors had bought a bike.

4. She said that no one ever calls her she doesn't even know why she needs a phone. When you check her phone she has 27 missed calls.

3. She shows you the pictures she took on her new phone. She is so proud. They look like she was taking pictures of a blood vessel; you can't make out any of them and she's says there all of her grandkids.

2. She bought one in purple because she "just bought a new pair of hoochie shoes that it will match perfectly."

1. The last conversation you had went like this:
"How do I just lay this thing down?"
"You mean turn it off?"
"No, I mean lay it down. What side do I lay it down on?"


Angela said...

Oh I just finished reading your banner and the scripture that you have up..SIGH.....hmmmm..amen!!

Congratulations to your nomination.

blessings to you, your family and this precious blog.

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh I'm laughing here on this side of the earth. I feel like I know your mother!

Tea With Tiffany said...

:) Great!

Congrats on top 100 through Internet Cafe Devotions.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

That is hysterical! My mom keeps saying, "My cousin and a few of my friends have iPhones, just like you. I want one too!"
I quickly respond with, "Mom, you would never figure out what to do with it!"

Thanks Melissa, you proved my point!

Wade's World said...

My Mom recently got an iphone and when my sister called to tell me the first thing I said was, "What does Mom need one for? She barely knows how to use email!"

Nevertheless, I've enjoyed stealing it from her every chance I get!

Donnetta said...

This is great! I can somewhat relate in that I just got a new phone this week and now have texting capabilities.

I will admit I had to have my son help me figure out the finer points of getting that done.

But give me some credit. At least I know how to recognize my ringtones and lay it down. LOL

Congrats on the top 100!

Cindy Bultema said...

Congratulations on your Blessed Aroma Award! This is my first time visiting your blog ~ can't wait to come back for more! You crack me up!!
Many blessings to you ~
Cindy :)
*She Sparkles*

Deb said...


Rhonda said...

Oh, I love your mom!! lol At least she has the generation gap excuse....I'm just plain old techno-stupid!! lol

Rhonda said...

Oh, I love your mom!! lol At least she has the generation gap excuse....I'm just plain old techno-stupid!! lol

Critty said...

Okay that is just too funny. :o)

Congratulations on your Top 100!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Melissa, this is such a great post, for a moment I thought you were talking about me and my new phone that I got for Christmas. lol. Congratulations to you on your Blessed Aroma Award.

Sissy said...

Letterman would totally be proud of you.

And this would be my mom as well. We got her a cell phone, but it doesn't have a full keyboard, so texting is beyond her.

Anonymous said...
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Patricia said...

Oh, that is funny...of course, I am old enough to be your mother and this just might challenge me to get an iPhone for myself.

Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on your TOP 100 award.


Rebecca said...

I AM "your mother"!