Feb 15, 2010

When Your Heart Lives In Two Places.

Sunday. On the way home from church.


Remi: Dad, I think I have fever.

AG: You do?

Remi: Yes, Texas is giving me fever.

AG: Texas is?

Remi: Yes, it is giving me fever. So maybe we shouldn't stay here anymore.

AG: Well, where would we go?

Remi: Maybe we could go back to Tennessee.

Poppy: Remi, why would you want to go back to Tennessee?

Remi: Because I miss my room. And my house. And my toys. And Toby.

Poppy: But if you left Texas I would be so sad.



Sometimes I wonder if Tennessee misses us as much as we miss Tennessee.

Here's hoping that our room and our toys and our Toby don't forget about us. Just in case our fever gets too high and we have to come back.


Candice said...

Tennessee does miss you!!!! All of you :)

Amy said...

I know the feeling! I didnt move to a different state, only 2 hours away but it is STILL hard!

Sissy said...

I love these little moments with Remi! So cute.

Who's Toby?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Remi has had time to think about Mr. Patrick meeting Laverne & Shirley, and thinks her only option is to move back to Tennessee. Hehe

Ashley said...

Toby is my sweet little nephew that Remi is in love with! =)

And yes... we all miss you in TN. You could at least come back for a visit until the fever subsides.

neeki said...

MISS YOU!! We pine for you! Every Sunday when the fantastic Thompson Station Choir belts out another amazing song that has the crowd standing and praising God, all my daughter and I can do is look at each other and say in unison "I miss Melissa"!! So while that's not very spiritual, I must admit, MY family misses you very much. Please come visit soon. I know Chip would give you the entire worship time if I begged long enough.

Anonymous said...

Aw, too sweet! Tell Remi that Tobey is still here if the fever gets too bad. ;) I have mentioned before that a visit would be nice...just what Remi needs. We would love to see you ALL!

(Sweet Tobey's mom) =)

Big Nanny said...

I miss having you on my worship care list!!!! And you know you miss it too!