Nov 30, 2009

It Was All Good.

Don't worry. This post will not be one of those typical posts where I give you a re-cap of my holiday experience and fill you in on the 18 pounds of dressing I ate. Far from it. In fact, I lost weight over Thanksgiving. Seriously. I lost 12 pounds.

What? You don't believe me? Why not? Have I ever lied to you? Or is it we've just come to a bloggy understanding that I am not one of those girls that drop weight over the holidays as much as I am one of those girls that not only gains weight but require that those around me gain weight as well? Yeah...I would agree with that.

How was your holiday? Was it good? Please leave me a comment and tell me if you had a nice holiday. Do not, however, leave me a comment and tell me about anything you ate. If so, I will have to throw up right into this chocolate pie I am currently holding in both of my hands.

So here was mine, in a nutshell:

Wednesday I took the kids to a nursing home with a basket full of homemade cookies. (Oh, c'mon!! You don't believe this either? I really did.) I remember going to the nursing home every Wednesday morning at 10am with my mom when I was growing up and singing for the seniors, so it is important to me that Remi and Rocco get a small taste of "doing unto others" before we bombard them with more toys than a third world country come Christmas time. It was really a sweet time even though Remi asked a third of them to "please get up out of bed, I'm here to give you cookies!"

Thursday was Thanksgiving. For the first time my mom let me take charge of the menu. I felt very sure that I had pulled off a deluxe meal until just before we ate and I noticed there was:
a. no turkey
b. 3 things of sweet potatoes
c. 41 desserts.
She said she felt like she oughta take the reigns back next year and give me time to mature into my position. Whatever.

Friday I went Black Friday shopping. I have never done this in my life. It was both my first and my last time to do it. There is no sale, no sale whatsoever, that is worth waking up at 4am and perusing around time with bad breath and eye boogers. (And I'm talking about Meridith, Michelle and Lisa - my shopping partners. Not me, of course.) They looked terrible!

Saturday was spent very much like Sunday. We did NOTHING!! And it was AWESOME!! And I enjoyed doing it so much I plan on doing it next Saturday and Sunday. Oh, except that we put up a tree and hung our stockings and felt that small twinge deep in our hearts that this year will not be a tender Tennessee Christmas like it has been the last many years. But then I saw Rocco's eyes when he woke up from his nap and saw the tree lit up for the first time and I forgot whatever it was I was moping about.

So yeah, all in all - I'd say I was blessed this past weekend.
We didn't have the most money in the world.
Our tree looks a little like Charlie Browns.
And I forgot to ask someone to bring the turkey.

But I'm still feelin' pretty doggone thankful.


1 Mom said...

I just love you Melissa!
I feel EXACTLY the same way about giving back before Christmas. My kids are ROTTEN as lots of kids are and just need a reminder of how lucky they are. We worked this holiday weekend at the Salvation Army angel tree booth at the mall. But, my 7 year old was BEGGING to let me put HIS name on the tree! We picked several angel to buy for and the 3 year old wanted a Spiderman toy so my 7 year old decided HE should be an "angel" so HE could get a Spiderman toy. Kids are so funny! My favorite part was now they have "senior angels" and we picked a few of them to buy for. I love me some old people! I have always had a soft spot for them. I hope you took some fruit to the nursing home with you and your cookies in case of diabetics?!?!?! Oh, and this year my husband, I and the kids were alone for Thanksgiving-our other family were scattered here and I made MY 1st Thanksgiving meal. Now, I dont do birds so I just bought two rotisserie chickens from Kroger and my mom had pre-made my dressing so I guess that doesnt count. It was YUM though, I made all the sides and pie. Anyway-not sure if you REALLY wanted to hear all that but...oops. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sissy said...

Mine was good. I am sad it is over and I am back at work. Sigh. My husband left Thursday night at 10pm for Black Friday shopping and returned home Friday at 10am. Lots of deals.

Vickie said...

I'm sure your Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful no matter what you served up! I remember the first time I DID Thanksgiving dinner and it had its moments, too, but it was still good!

I don't do Black Friday either. I was very glad to stay home and do nothing but finish off desserts and dressing. And do a little laundry. Aren't Saturdays and Sunday afternoons great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa, Kim Little here...My boys and I went to Oklahoma to visit my #2 son, Ben, my Marine, my hero....he had to work on Thanksgiving day, so I was only able to see him for about 5 minutes. Friday was the BEST day as we were able to spend 5 HOURS with him on base. We did absolutely nothing except enjoy each other's company! He took his little brother for a haircut, on a military base, needless to say he came out with a Marine hair cut! He loves it though! I must say that even though we didn't get to spend Thanksgiving day with him, it was the best Thanksgiving I've had in years! All in all we drove 27 hours in a small compact car to see him for 5 hours and 5 minutes and it was worth every minute in that car to see him and give him a hug!

By the way, when my boys were in elementary school, they would always bring home papers that they had drawn and we know that we can't save EVERYTHING, so I would take most of it to the nursing home. The residents LOVED hanging up their pictures!

Masala Chica said...

It's great that you brought your kids to the nursing home on Wednesday. what better way to give thanks? I doubt anybody wanted turkey anyway.

Mine was just fabulous. The first time I haven't been stuck on 95 for ten hours. Because we stayed home.


oldwomaninashoe said...

Thanksgiving was okay. Cooked a bunch, ate a bunch, washed a bunch of dishes. Went shopping on Black Friday...all by myself. Just me. No kids. No husband. No friends. Just little old me up at 3, threw in a load of laundry (discovered my washer's final spin cycle is broke so I get a new washer for Christmas...yee-haw. Can't wait. Love me a new washer like I would love having a tooth filled with no pain killer. Yeah...I'm just jumpin' up & down with joy.) at WalMart by 4, shopped until 9. Put up one tree yesterday after church. Now am doing the laundry & holding in the switchy thing so it drains.

votemom said...

turkey is WAY over-rated. unless it's shaved from the deli and in a sandwich with mayo and lettuce.

Debbie said...

On behalf of old nursing home people everywhere, I would like to say THANK YOU! I've experienced nursing homes first hand with grandparents and then my dad, who passed away in June. What a blessing you are when you go, whether you think you are or not! God bless you extra special!