Nov 9, 2009

FaceBook, Fried Dogs and Frenemies

What is up with you people and Corny Dogs? Ain't you never seen an East Texan pick up a dirty Corny dog and eat it? I have.

I actually had one of my regular readers tell me, "I didn't even leave you a post. I had nothing to say to that."

Nothing to say? How about saying, "Don't worry about it Melissa, my son once ate poop. And he's 7." Don't tell me that hasn't happened to someone out there in bloggy land. You know it has. Fess up.

And the FaceBook comments. Oh, the FaceBook comments and the emailed comments. Some of you were so mean to me. And I don't understand why! They were all-beef for cryin' out loud!!

And haven't we been friends long enough that you know how I feel about people who think all high and mighty of themselves? Can't trust 'em. Can't trust 'em even a little bit. Not sure who I'm talking about? I'll give you a clue:

It's the woman who says, "I have been so stressed out this week that I feel like all I've done is work out."

Or the lady you over hear at church saying, "I got down on my hands and knees and waxed my floors this weekend and now I am completely caught up."

You gotta love this one, "I have to go out of town and stay in a hotel and eat out all next week. Man, I'm sick of that." (This was my husband and I might have accidentally punched him in the nose.)

And, of course, my all time favorite...drum roll please...

"I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!! And I'm craving organic vegetables and soy milk."

As I was typing this list I remembered an old post that I wrote many moons ago about things that annoy me (you can read it here if you're really really bored) and I can honestly say that the Lord has mellowed me in this area. HHHHHHAAAAA! I kid. He's done nothing to fix me. What I meant to say is that I could really add to this list.

So let me think on it, and I shall.

What about you?

It's Monday. Go crazy. What just drives you up a wall? (Other than pictures of complete and utter neglect wherein a child walks around eating a dirty Corny Dog. Move on, people!)


midwestmom3 said...

It drives me crazy when other people comment negatively on other people's mothering/housekeeping etc. At least your little guy was eating his lunch and not wasting anything. He was just going green. P.s. my husband says the same thing as yours all the time about traveling for week and I'm not buying it either

Anonymous said...

My son ate his own poop once and now he's 21. Same son fed his boogers to his brother. He's now 18 and a Marine. They survive.

Amy said...

A little dirt never hurt anyone! ESPECIALLY a boy!

Linkis Family Love said...

To those nasty comment leavers...frenemies (good word!) May they eat dirty corn dogs sometime and not even know it, may they have someone sneeze in their food at a restaurant and not know it, may they have a bug fly into their throat before they can do anything but swallow. ha ha ha Just to put everyhing into perspective, make ya smile, and know that there are REAL people out here who don't wax our floors, drink soy or work out all week. Uh, I think life is whipping by those people, and they are missing it!

Mandy said...

I can't believe people left you nasty comments! Kids do weird's no big deal...people need to get lives!

Ashley said...

I am pregnant but it certainly is not organic vegetables and soy milk that I am craving........ weirdos. Haha!

Vickie said...

WHat a hoot! Reminds me of my boys (and girl), too! Besides that, we all need a little bacteria to help us ward off illness, right?

My middle son used to share all his food with the dog - take turns taking bites. He used to pick up bugs and eat them. His diapers were frequently multicolored when crayolas. Then he fed plastic fishing worms to my daughter, his little sister, and when she pooped in her diaper, I thought surely her innards were coming out of her body! They are all in their 20's now and doing just fine, thank you very much!

A little dirt never hurt nobody! In fact, it probably helped them stay healthy!

MBush said...

What drives me crazy? Blankets folded the wrong way on the couch. I know, it makes me sound like some super clean organized freak, but it's not true. In fact usually the blankets don't get folded...oh, and if it were my floor the little guy was eating off of, you'd have to rinse the dog hair off first...that drive me crazy too, Dog Hair. Ugh.

Faith(ful) Reader said...

What drives me crazy? People who say "irregardless" (like that's a real word?) or "preventative." The ones who mix up "there" and "their" work my nerves, too. I guess you can tell that I'm a teacher?

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

First of all, I loved the corn dog post. I was thinking it sounded a lot like my 2 yr old, Grace. We are not talking a "3 second rule." Were talking if it hasn't totally degraded from lying on the playroom floor for a week, she will probably put it in her mouth.
Oh well. She is healthy and life goes on.
It drives me crazy when I get comments from people that, on the surface, seem benign...but you know they aren't. You can "read between the lines". I have one such frequent commenter. She has not active link to her blog or email address, so I can't ever respond to her emails. They get deleted! Who does these people think they are???
And give me a break! Craving soy when you are pregnant. Un-friend that person!!! :-)

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh Melissa I am sorry you got grief over that!

You know how some people have the 3-second rule? If food is on the floor for 3 seconds or less, then it's still good to eat?

And some people have the 10-second rule?

Well, at our place we have the 3-times-on-the-floor rule.

Just so ya know. said...

Are you serious? People were leavin' nasties about a corn dog?!?
What bubble did they raise thier kids in? I had a foster kid pee in a squirt gun & shot my daughters one time. My little darlings grabbed up dog poop & hurled at him. Both girls are now mothers & the boy is an officer in the US Army. I had one son who actually made & ate a booger sandwich. He's now the father of two & I am sooooooo loving what his kids are doing to him.
What drives me up a wall? When my mother, a widow complains she actually had to run her dishwasher. It had only been two days. My husband who was complaining about his flight out of here was too early this morning. I don't care if it is business...he gets to sleep on clean sheets, eat out, talk to grown ups that can blow thier own noses & not change a diaper for 4 whole days.
God made dirt! Dirt don't hurt. Live by it.

Trish said...

my children have never......


my children wrote the book on gross, where shall I start? As I tyhpe my five year old is on the toilet and just declared to me that he has "poop that looks like a rattlesnake, it even has teeth like a rattlesnake." How he knows that, I don't even want to know.

ya know what drives me crazy? I baked a huge batch of pumpkin cookies w/ penuch frosting (much easier than they sound) with the intent of freezing most of them for later......that didn't happen and I ate ALOT!