Jun 12, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Summertime.

We went and picked berries. Did you hear me people? That means I got out of my air conditioned car and did something that requires bending over. Do they mail the Mom of the Year award to me, or do I have to go somewhere and pick it up?

I want to get all Southern Living on you right now and say something about these strawberries like, "A gathering of strawberries will pull friends and family to your table if topped off with plenty of homemade cream and laughter." But instead all I can say is...these only cost $5! So on this day I was being active AND thrifty. Hellllooooo, two for two.

I honestly don't know who's more handsome.
But I know who makes more money - so that's the one I'm stickin' with.

She held this strawberry so gently. So sweetly.
Then she crammed it into her mouth like she'd been on a medical fast for the past week.

This is the face of both guilt and innocence.

Hope you're summer is as sweet as this.
Have a good weekend, my friends.


Amy said...

Fun! Rocco is getting so big: You don't post near enough photos on your blog! $5 is a heck of a deal on those berries! OH..and..those are the best kind for dipping in chocolate, they have the long stems I see. YUMMY!

Jen said...

Picking strawberries is SO much fun, and they taste SO much better than the store-bought ones! Yummy. And my Jason is wearing that very same blue/white and red onesie today :)

Jennifer Henry said...

Hilarious. You're crackin' me up today, Melissa! :)

Melissa said...

I love the hairy strawberry. I'm so proud of you for gettin' out there and sweatin' for the little ones! You are amazing!

Jenn said...


I tagged you on my blog, here.

Kaye said...

Simply beautiful summer fun!

Lynda said...


Kim said...

How sweet & how yummy. And I'm not talking about the strawberries. I picked 4 strawberries from my own patch just last night (and no I am not on a diet, that was all that was ripe). Nothing beats fresh strawberries. Unless it is picking fresh strawberries with the ones you love.

Sissy said...

My gosh, my mom used to make us sweat like migrant workers to pick her some strawberries in the Florida heat. I think we ate just as many as we picked, but we usually ended up sunburned and with way more strawberries than we could ever eat.

katy said...

Look at those two precious blessings...wow...beautiful pics

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Did you have one of those moments where you just stood there in the middle of the strawberry patch, looked around and thought, "I can't believe this life has actually arrived. I can't believe this is MY handsome husband and MY beautiful kids, and we are actually that cute family with a pink hair bow out picking strawberries together." I love it when that happens. :)

Melinda said...

Love your comment about "guilt and innocence"! So true! ;0)

My kids love strawberry smoothies, but will not eat actual strawberries. Go figure!