May 4, 2009

Weekend Recap: I Don't Remember The Weekend

There was a time when I didn't remember the weekend, but it was for altogether different reasons. Hello, college days!

Oh who am I kidding? That's a lie. I went to a Bible College and the wildest thing I ever did in my life was sneak into a haunted house without paying. (And then throwing up inside. And lest you think I threw up from alcohol - it was not - it was from actual fear.)


So our weekend began with what the Attorney General dubbed "Friday Family Date Night." Isn't that adorable? How precious are we? We are like the family on Full House if they're mom had lived and they hadn't had to let John Stamos or the guy who made funny faces move in and help raise the kids. We are just adorable.

Until of course the actual Family Date Night happens and then we spend $84 on Monsters vs. Aliens and a kids popcorn combo which was promptly spilled 3 minutes into the movie. Rocco decides that movies are not really his thang and so decides to "toot" through the entire movie while his sister yells, "He's doing it again" to anyone within three rows of us. The movie was followed by the end credits rolling to some hip-hop song and Remi deciding it would be best interpreted by going to the big open space at the front of the theatre and dancing like there's no tomorrow. I found this adorable (and quite reminiscent of myself if you must know). Her father found it mortifying.

Several 17 year old workers had to wait until she was done before they could come in and clean up.

Family Date Night ended at Bucca Di Beppo. And it ended with a bang. There was spaghetti and meatballs, Ceasar salad and cake. There was also Remi's dramatic exit (she gets it honest) by running down the aisle to leave and having her pants fall completely down to her ankles. (I cannot begin to tell you the number of times this very thing has happened to me.) She finds the laughter soothing to her self esteem apparently because she decides leaving them at her ankles and waddling towards the door is much more fun.

Once again - I found it adorable. The AG? Mortifying.

Saturday came and went. Quickly. If I remember correctly there was cake for breakfast, cake for lunch and Mexican food and cake for dinner. Oh, and naps. Lots of naps.

And Sunday there was a house showing. Another house showing. And me spending hours on end walking aimlessly around Target with two screaming kids so strangers could walk through my house and say things like, "Geez...does this woman even own a mop?"

The answer would be, "yes."
The answer to the next question would be, "no."

So, that's mine in a nutshell. How was y'alls? Please tell me you had a Family Date Night and spent $4700 for strangers to be entertained by your daughters underpants.


Sissy said...

I did have a date with my husband that involved the new Wolverine movie and a tub of popcorn. We have to get in all these May movies before baby comes and we want to stay home and stare at her.

Teri from Indiana said...

Are you kidding? We don't even take vacations anymore. The last one we took entailed a 7 month old teething, yes they can cry from NE Indiana to Gulf Shores, AL....the whole way. A 17 year old who would burst out bawling whenever she seen a convertable because she missed her boyfriend so much & he drove a convertable. She has since married and divorced the same "love of her life". Two other teenaged girls who were bound and determined to find some "nice redneck boy" for a week romance & decided that happens in Alabama stays in Alabama. But their mama decided that short leash and a nasty attitude would put a stop to all that. My favorite was the last teenager, male this time who was just plain old nasty and decided he would rather have stayed home than be with his stupid sisters and his horrible parents. That whole trip cost us right around 4k. When we pulled into the driveway to discover that the same "love of her life" of daughter #1 decided to have a party at our pool and left a ton of evidence I informed my husband I would never, ever, vacation with any of them again. That was 7 years ago. The older kids are all adults but the teething baby is now a hyper 7 year old with an equally hyper 5 year old brother and we have another baby who is teething.

Melissa said...

My weekend was a little more quiet and cheap. Saturday was my birthday and I stayed in bed literally the whole day. Not because it was my birthday, but because I was feeling like the swine flu had infected me from too many trips to Wal-Mart and all it's nastiness. Turns out it was something I ate.
My hubby did make me a flourless chocolate cake that was really yummy. He is so good like that. We watched the Tale of Desperaux, which was really good, at least I thought so. Emmy said the rats were scary and Michael said the book was better.....;)

Okay, that's about the sum of my exciting nail biter of a weekend. I have attempted to watch Becoming Jane twice now and I have fallen asleep both times. I'm just not sure it's meant to be.

Yes, I'm done rambling. Love ya!

Lynda said...

My weekend, even with a 17 year old, was more tame! Party on, Remi!

neeki said...

I spent the weekend introducing my 2 little lovelies to the joys of chick flicks. We started out with "Steel Magnolias", which they both thoroughly enjoyed and howled with laughter at all the appropriate places. However, I was the only one sobbing throughout the hospital and cemetery scenes, so that must be a mom thing...I don't know. Oh, we're watching "You've Got Mail" tonight. Hopefully no tears this time from me. But it's got Tom Hanks for heaven's sake. So I probably will cry a little.

Janis said...

I am so excited to read about your weekend. Your dining experiences should guarantee an updated "Something's going down..." very soon!!!

IRW Dana said...

Ohhh Melissa, I had the VERY BEST weekend. Iwent to a Women of Faith event with my daughter and daughter in law. (she calls me her "other mother" I LOVE this girl!!) And we were so blessed to see Mandisa perform YOUR song. I cried all the way thru it. Everyone with in earshot heard me say this is your song and about your so very precious baby boy. Thank you for sharing this very special song with us. My heart goes to you every time I hear it. Which is everyday, I bought all of her CDs. She should share her royalties with you LOL. Hugs going to you today. Dana

Givinya De Elba said...

Loved your post and Janis' comment - hopefully no "Something's going down..." posts here. But if there was one - I'm just sayin'- I'd be reading. Not laughing, mind you, just reading. Oh yes.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I would love any day that involved nothing but cake and naps. Where do you sign up for that???

Lara Harris said...

Love me some Buca. In fact, I would like to take complete or at least partial credit for there being a Buca in Cool Springs, Tn. long, but amazing story. It is the best possible place for Remi to lose her pants. Have you seen the bathroom photos? I am bummed that you will be moving as it was my hope to run into you and be your second stalker. I happen to be friends with Maria, your primary stalker.