Mar 5, 2009

It's Why 'The Duchess' Stunk.


They really stink up a movie.

Take Pride and Prejudice. No kiddies in that movie. And it rocked.
Emma? Were kids in it? Didn't think so. And I loved it.
Sense and Sensibility? Nope. And guess what? It was awesome.

But The Duchess? There were kids in it. And I fell asleep halfway in.

I bring this bit of movie trivia knowledge to you because several days ago Meridith and I were watching one of our favorite period movies when one of the lead characters came down with scarlet fever and was quarantined for three whole months. THREE WHOLE MONTHS!

Can you imagine? Three months of being exiled to your room and not being able to do anything but eat and read and watch T.V. (Except in the 1800's it was probably eat, read and listen for approaching gunfire, but still...)


And it was at that point in the movie that I said, "Lucky son of a gun. I would give anything to get the scarlet fever."

Of course I didn't mean it. I really don't want scarlet fever, per say. I just like the idea of being quarantined. Of having people bring me meals and leaving them at my door and then coming back for my dirty dishes.

And then I got the flu.

And just like The Duchess and Children of the Corn 1,2 and 3 - children really stunk it up.

They didn't care. They didn't for one second care that I was running a fever or had lost my voice. And when I asked them to bring me my meals and leave me alone, do you think they did it? No. In fact, once Remi actually told me, "Mom, if you say you are sick one more time I am going to give you swats."

Just like movies, date nights, happy hour and scarlet fever - kids can really stink 'em up.


Amy Mikel Waldron said...

Didn't you know. . .Mom's are never allowed to get sick. And if we do, husbands and children become paralyzed by it therefore acting like it isn't happening!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

Tabi said...

Moms sick?? What on earth are you talking about because in this household moms don't get sick. Not in everyone else view anyway....we are just playing around right??

Sissy said...

Remi always has the best lines. It's scripted, right? Like the Bachelor?

Lynda said...

Oh, they stink it up alright! lol

Teri from Indiana said...

Could have been worse. I had the flu one time and my daughter brought me a bacon sandwich. Not what I needed to smell or see. But you're right kids can stink it up.

Tassie said...

I love time period movies. All of the ones you mentioned I really liked. I even liked The Duchess. Kids and all.

Swift Jan said...

Sorry you have been sick :(
But yeah kids do stink it up!!
My kids have the habit of laughing at me when I am hurling my breakfast up with this darn morning sickness. Uncool!