Mar 27, 2009

A Couple of Things.

Today is Friday. Aren't Fridays supposed to be fun?

I remember in elementary, Fridays were always for field trips. In middle school they were always for sleep overs. And in high school they were always the day I wore my best outfit. Just in case anyone was in the mood to ask me out...which they never were....I am now okay with this.

But on this particular Friday I will be packing up ten days of clothes, shoes, Batman paraphernalia (that every 2 year old girl must have, right?), bottles, dvds and stuffed animals and go traipsing through a Houston airport with 2 kids in my arms, sweat dripping from every pore in my body, a pulled hamstring and a husband with a stomach virus.

I would have voted for the good outfit. Heck, even a field trip to the local Post Office would have beaten this.


Thank you Micheal Scott for one of the worlds greatest lines from last night's Office...

"I had a great time at prom and nobody said yes to that, either."


Speaking of great lines. My mom has a refrigerator that is a blog post unto itself, believe me. If this tells you anything, my cousin Bailey once opened up the freezer and said, "Aunt Net, why do you have this really old frozen lettuce?"

Going through her fridge is like hunting for food in the outback - you never know what you're going to come across and you're scared to death when you finally do.

For instance, the other night I was in the middle of making a new recipe that called for a whole container of sour cream.
"Mom, didn't I put sour cream on the grocery list? I don't see any in the fridge."
"It's in the door."
"You mean this old container?"

"Mom, it expired two months ago."
"They just put those numbers on there, they don't matter, especially not for things like sour cream."


A week or so ago I posted about my new favorite blog site The Homesick Texan. Love, love, love her recipes. Anyway, my friend Melissa (I didn't ask permission to link her so I'm not going to overstep here) corrected my error and I should have properly thanked her, but she's a friend that knows I love her and she's fairly low maintenance so I don't really have to tell her all the time.

Anyway the address is

As I was reading the Homesick Texan's comment section I noticed that towards the end of every day she leaves a comment that is a quickie response to all previous commenter's. I think I'm gonna try that. (Look, I said I'm gonnna try it. As in, "I'm gonna try to start walking every day." "I'm gonna try to eat more flax in my diet." "I'm gonna try to go a different color on my hair this summer.")

Yesterday's post "What Do You Say" got such a heavy response from so many of you, and I was so excited to read every one of them, that I wanted to go and write you all personally - but who in this world has time for that? So I am going to try and start commenting on my comments. So we'll see how that goes. (Don't hold your breath...I'm still lazy, constipated and blond.)

In the mean time, thanks to all who left a comment yesterday. Those of you who differ in opinion thank you for giving me something to think about, to study, to pray about, and to seek wisdom for. That is exactly what I want this blog to be about. And to those of you who felt as I do on this topic, thank you as well. I've always known my opinions are right, it's good to know others do to. Oh, I'm only kidding! Lighten up.


Have a good Friday everyone.

Make sure you do three things this next week:

1. Eat a hot plate of Mexican food.

2. Pray I make it through the airport with 2 children and a husband, cuz there's a good chance we're not all coming out alive.

3. Vote for Anoop. I find him adorable.

Bye now!


Anonymous said...

I love your Momma! Just a comment on the sour cream gig. My thoughts exactly! How can something that is already SOUR go bad? Karen in MN

Rhonda said...

Okay, so picture this:


REALLY bad bed head.

Eye makeup down to my cheeks.

No other make up on.

Add to that my expression when I read the sour cream bit.

I don't know what would look worse this morning. Me or two-month-old sour cream?? Ewwwwww.

Karen Carter said...

Have fun with every day with your sweet mom. I miss mine so much it hurts every day. And your sour cream story cracked me up. My mom would bring the kale home off her plate at Cocos and steam it? Its decor.."no honey steam it a little and put some vinegar on it its delicious" Love moms! and I love your blog
xoxo Karen~

Melissa said...

I know you will probably question my salvation for this one, but I love Adam. I dont' know why other than a man with a falsetto just does something to me.....I know, I know, Anoop has one too, but that Ring of Fire thing just did it for me last week. I know the judges hated it and Adam is probably someone I would never listen to IRL, but he is extremely innovative in his song choices. For that I give him mad props.

Okay, you can link me anytime. You know I don't care, but thanks for considering me that way.

1. check (i eat a hot plate of mex
everyday! I have made Ninfa's
3 times since I got the recipe!)
2. check (I got your back sister.)
3. Go Adam!!!!!!!

Faith(ful) Reader said...

I feel about cottage cheese the same way your Mama feels about sour cream; how does one know when that stuff actually goes bad? It starts out bad, so it can only get worse.

Melissa Lee said...

From Melissa:

Karen in MN - I had never thought of it that way, I must admit. But still! It's kinda gross...don'tchathink?

Rhonda - Well, here's the problem. Although you look horrendous in my mind's eye (ha), I can't eat you. And I, unfortunatly, did eat the 2 mo. old sour cream.

Karen Carter - I hate to know you miss your momma that much, still. I can't imagine it. But bringing Kale home and steaming it? Surely you have more stories like this just waiting for us to all enjoy!

Melissa - Adam? Are you serious? Adam. There are so many other things I want to comment on here but the only word I can muster is ADAM?? I would rather steam kale and eat it than ever watch that man sing again. It's like a train wreck, you need to turn away but you can't. I'm soooo disappointed.
But you've made my sauce, so that has to count for something.

Faith(ful) - To this day I can't eat cottage cheese. And I've tried. And this is coming from the same woman who once at 2 month old sour cream. Go figure.