Jan 8, 2009

This Goes Out To The One I Love.

Stop the presses!

I got a letter from my Granny.

I knew it was coming, because my mom had called me last night just to tell me, "Granny is sending you a letter and I can't waaaiiiiiiitttt for you to read it."

That can't be good.

I mean, this is my Granny - my mom's mom. Any of this starting to make sense? If my mom can throw some zingers at ya, then just imagine my Granny.

This is the same woman who once told my Pawpaw (and I quote), to "Sit down and stop yelling, you're still fat." In order to have that make any sense you'd need to know that my Pawpaw had stood up to yell at the dog. Does that help you sort it out? Yeah, I know...us either. We just all sat there thinking, "what does him being fat have to do with anything?" We were never sure. Still aren't. Be you can bet he sat down.

Last Thanksgiving when she came to Tennessee to visit she found herself laying on the same bed that my aunt and I started rolling around wrestling on. She got mad and yelled at my mom, "Annette, come in here and tell them to stop! I'm being good and just laying here like a little squirrel!"

Who knows.

Needless to say, whenever we get a letter from Granny in the mail we all gather around and fight over who gets to read it first. I won! So as me and the AG, Meridith and Brandon all gathered together like we were reading a draft notice I opened up her letter only to find a short letter and two news articles.

The first news article was on how to become a vegetarian.

After reading the title (Going Veggie) Brandon said, "Man, does Granny even know you?" I've made quite a name for myself in the meat department. That sounds weird.

The second article was entitled, "How Kids Manipulate Us and What You Can Do To Stop It."

Apparently their have been one too many blog posts on Remi.

I think it's pretty safe to assume this. Don't you? After all Granny told me in her letter that she reads my "stories" every day. But that I "don't talk enough about the little baby Rocco." Of course I don't think her article on toddler manipulation was meant to offend me, and it didn't. I know I have my hands full. I know this.

Oh, and here's one of my favorite parts of her letter, "I hope you won't be mad at me for sending you this magazine article. I just remember how it was when I had two babies. David would always come in and bring me the Ivy that he had pulled up, and your momma just ate dirt."

I could listen to her rattle off stories about my momma eating dirt alllllllll day.

My Granny. I love her dearly. I miss her terribly. And so that she knows "the little baby Rocco" is alive and well and teething all over the place...here you go, Granny.

I love you Granny. And I love getting your letters. And I'm sorry that I hurt your leg the night I rolled over you when you were just laying there "like a little squirrel." It might not have hurt so much I had a decided to become a vegetarian years ago. But Granny, don't hold your breath for that.



Trish said...

Hey granny, sorry about your leg, but shouldn't we be more concerned about the fact that little Rocco has to sit in a pink Bumpo seat? I mean com'on.........

oh and granny, you might want to send me letters and articles too, especially the one about manipulating kids. I have one of those kinds of kids and i'm trying to hook him up with Remi, but I smell disaster with two manipulators.

Love you more than Melissa does,

Lace said...

Oh man... your granny sounds even cooler than your Mom. (Sorry, Mom.)

Look at little Rocco Man! He's getting big! I still need to mail this package I have for you! I'm a lazy bum, but you have my word that the kids will get some treats before they head off to college.

Rhonda said...

Wow! She's awesome! lol

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

She sounds....feisty! Yeah, and when you're through with the articles, particularly the manipulation one, you could forward it this way. She didn't say whether or not she had articles on teen manipulation, did she???

Ronnica said...

I love his cute little Pooh belly!

Oh, and you can tell he's not an oldest as he has a pink bumbo seat!

Lynda said...

Oh, I am liking Granny a lot!

Nicole @ Four Real said...

I am so excited to see another use for the Bumbo! See, this invention was not around with my other three so this is a whole new contraption I have been using with Jonas. Here is the problem, HE CRAWLS OUT OF IT! Seriously. We watched him crawl right out of it the other day and I thought I should put it away. BUT USE IT FOR THE BATH! That is brilliant! That will be used tonight! THANKS! And your Granny is a trip. I see where you get your sense of humor! :)

Karen said...

Your Gran sounds like just my kind of woman. Nice and fiesty and just enough weirdness to be really interesting :-)

Awwww.. Rocco is such a cutie and boy, is he growing..

Desha said...

My baby boy has to use a pink bumbo too. Thats what happens to the second baby and that is why they are scarred for life.

KimmyJ said...

LOL at my computer at yer granny! She sounds like a hoot. Baby Rocco is getting big!

Amy said...

Rocco is getting so big!! I love your granny. She sounds like my grammy. Are you SURE we arent related?!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks Granny for telling it like it is. How wonderful to still have a Granny, who is living. I hope you are keeping every single one of these handwritten letters. They will certainly be a treasure, in years to come.

Love the bathing Rocco pic.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the statement that she was most famous for: "No thanks, he don't need that - he already has a fat gassy belly!" This was heard at least once a day for a lifetime.
Poor Dad....
love ya girl,
Nonie (your mom)

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the statement that she was most famous for: "No thanks, he don't need that - he already has a fat gassy belly!" This was heard at least once a day for a lifetime.
Poor Dad....
love ya girl,
Nonie (your mom)

Sara L said...

Yahoo - is that a cloth diaper is see Mr. Rocco - your mom is cloth-tabulous!

Ashley said...

LOVE the little Titans cap! So cute! Glad to see that Remi is no longer manipulating you so you can now post about Rocco. Haha! Love your granny!

Lisa said...

Once again, I have to say that this post would be EVEN better if you could somehow attach a sound Byte. It just looses something without Granny's voice. God love her. :)

Carrie said...

Oh, my goodness. Hilarious. I have a granny like this, too. After my son was DIAGNOSED with acid reflux & his meds were HELPING...she sent me an article about how many kids are misdiagnosed with acid reflux & every time she called she would tell me that 'some babies just spit up a lot'. :)

Givinya De Elba said...

"Sit down and stop yelling; you're still fat" ...??

I love that, but there's nobody I know I can use it on. Nobody I know is fat.

Except the people who ARE fat, and it would be really bad to actually say it.

Aja Jenise said...

Oh ya all are a RIOT!! You need to go on tour or something!! This is better than Everyone Loves Raymond!

Rocco sure is hammin it up there for the camera... good man!! Oh sorry for the reference to ham Granny!!