Jan 21, 2009

Teshy and the Big Cat.

So I get tagged, right? Which normally I never really reply to tags because it always seems everyone else's is so much more interesting than mine. And tags usually make me feel like I am "less than", when God says we should feel like "more than." I'm kidding, of course. Well, not about feeling unexciting and "less than." That's pretty standard fare.

Mainly I don't do them because I am just too lazy. Seriously. When someone says, "Smile, Melissa, you've been tagged." I just roll my eyes and think of 12 reasons why I can't do them, like...

1. Must change out sheet of foil in bottom of oven.
2. Must try to buy a cheap set of hot rollers if I ever wish to aid in bringing back big hair.

Things like that.

But this one, from Heather, intrigued me I do have to say. The tag rule states that you have to go to the fourth folder in your Pictures Folder, and post the fourth picture in that folder. Hmmm...I'm intrigued.

Not anymore.

Here it is folks.

I would now like to go on record as saying that since my computer crashed I have had to use the AG's. So this is actually HIS fourth picture in HIS fourth folder.

And yes, that is John Tesh holding a huge cat.

"Why?" you ask.

Because my husband and some of his buddies find John Tesh amusing. The AG has met him and worked with him on a couple of occasions and finds him to be, if I'm quoting him correctly, "really nice, but pretty easy to laugh at." And find that pictures of him holding big cats only add to their amusement.

Only I don't get it because it isn't really John Tesh's body, he isn't really holding that big cat and that plane was not really coming at him at 400 mph. So I'm not sure what's funny about it.

But when I showed the AG what was the picture that had to go up he just fell over laughing and said, "Ahhhh...Teshy and the big cat. Good times."

I tag:

1. John Tesh

2. Connie Selleca


Lula! said...

I love me some Tesh and a big cat, but sister...you know the historical significance of today. (Not yesterday. TODAY!)

Nine o'clock, baby. Just in time to get home from church, get the kiddos in bed, prepare a delicious snack, and spend two hours being entertained and confused and thrilled and flummoxed and delighted.


Lacey said...

Man oh man... I don't know HOW I get that, but apparently I do because I laughed. Out loud. At that picture. I love it! :D

Lynda said...

Well, I am cracking up! Big fun for me, too.

Tassie said...

I totally need lessons from you in finding the perfect and most hilarious post titles....again, I enjoyed a good laugh. Thanks!

Sig said...

Love that picture, LOL. Glad I found your blog, I need your humor ;)