Dec 3, 2008

This Is How We Do It. Part 2.

Thank you all for humoring me by allowing me to post pictures of my Thanksgiving shindig. I have to admit, that even four days later, looking at those pictures gave me instant heartburn.

Now I would like to add a side note that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving: My family is sitting in the living room watching a comedian on television (very funny by the way...Gary Gulman) and so I'm having trouble writing my snazzy segues. So tonight we're keeping it simple...I'm going from random thought to random thought. No extra charge.


Thank you all who emailed me your recipe. I got so many!! It was a veritable convergence of fancy dishes!! Thank you. I tried, as best I could, to email each and every one of you back, but I'll be honest - I think I forgot to email a few of you. I would now like to blame that on someone. I choose Remi.

If I didn't email you back, don't be mad. Just promise you'll continue to read my blog, email me fattening recipes and expect nothing in return. That's how I like to do business.


I will say that in my quest for a recipe I decided to go with Cindy K. who emailed me a recipe from Paula Dean called, Sour Cream Muffins. I decided to go with this because no one EVER has a recipe for a homemade bread that even looks feasible to me. And even if they did I would never be brave enough to try it. But this one actually looked good and easy and I thought I could try it. So I gave it to Meridith and told her to go to town on it.

Were they good? Yes.
Were the pretty? No.

Did we eat them anyway? Are you seriously asking me this question.

Here's the recipe for those of you who might want it. It's really simple. Here's hoping that yours turn out fat and fluffy like Paula's (and probably Cindy K.) and not small and hard as stumps as mine and Mer's.

Sour Cream Muffins:
By Paula Dean and her personal stalker, Cindy K.
2 cups self rising flour
2 sticks butter, melted
1/2 pint sour cream
Combine all ingredients and spoon into a small, un-greased muffin pan.
Bake for 20-25 on 350 degrees.

For those of you wondering if Cindy K. will get her prize. Yes, she will. I will let you all know what I end up getting her. Look for it. Seriously. I'll get her something. Cindy, it's coming. Believe it. It's on its way. Oh, yeah. I'm not lying. I really plan on going out and getting you something. Yes, I do. Even though it's cold and I have two small babies. And I hope they don't catch their death of cold. I'm not complaining though, Cindy K. Seriously. I'm not. Even though we're in a recession. I am rushing out to get you something tomorrow.

Well, maybe not tomorrow, but very soon.

Does anyone believe this?

Gary Gulman just said that he feels certain Humpty Dumpty didn't fall - he jumped. Mainly because his parents who knew their last name was Dumpty still decided, selfishly, to name him Humpty. Not Mark Dumpty, or Seth Dumpty. But Humpty Dumpty? Seriously?

It was funny to us.

Oh, and for those of you who asked about the you go. Gigi's Cupcakes.

I'm in love.


Gary Gulman is now over and this is what I just heard my mom say, "He was SO FUNNY! Brandon why are you always trying to suck your momma's toe?"

We're a random bunch - we are.

Now we are all humming Ice, Ice Baby so that Brandon will dance for us.

I'll be back tomorrow with stuff that actually makes sense.

I promise.

Is anyone believing this?


Amy Waldron said...

Yeah, just wanted to thank you soooo much (I'm being sarcastic) for getting me all excited about the cupcakes. I looked at the website and realized that unless I wanted to drive to TN from MI, I was only going to get to lick my computer screen to enjoy the darn things. But, on an up note, my mother-in-law lives in Johnson City, TN. Maybe I can locate the cupcake lady on our next trip! YUM!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

Tabi said...

Honestly....that's wrong...just plain us those yummy cupcakes and then we don't even have a chance to actually eat them!! Wrong I tell you!! I'm with Amy, I guess we can lick the screen....such a sad day!

Karen Carter said...

Dont you just LOVE Paula Deen? The recipe I sent you for gooey butter cake was hers too. You have to try it some time! I had to quit watching her though..Its like food porn.Crass but the only way to describe how I feel watching her cook with all that oil and butter.
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Now time for Christmas Cookies!!

Rhonda said...

Well, I would lick my computer screen, but Jilljillbobill made me laugh so hard the other day that snot flew out of my nose.

And that's just gross.


Me said...

I think I figured out your sour cream muffin dilema. I was looking back at the picture of Mer and her precious bag of flour. I think the bag only says all purpose instead of self-rising. That Paula Deen has gotten me a couple of times with her stinkin self rising flour!

I guess next time you can add some baking soda/baking powder??

Denise said...

Those cupcakes are enough to haunt me....but I live too far away so I will just have to resort to licking the screen too. Darn.

Tracy P. said...

Ditto Amy. Exactly. What. She. Said. What to do now with my watering mouth, pray tell???

Lynda said...

Your posts always crack me up! Unless they make me cry like a baby. Gotta' love it!

Hairline Fracture said...

The sour cream muffins sound wonderful.