Nov 24, 2008

This is important. You need to read this. This is important. You need to read this.

I Googled creative titles and still this is all I could come up with? Are you kidding me?

But I felt it said what I needed it to say. Thus, it is both creative and useful. Which is how I imagine the Attorney General would describe me if he could only use two words.

Okay, that is sooooo not the point.

So this post has been a long time coming.
I'm a little nervous.

That's why I'm clearing my throat so much.
I do that when I'm nervous.

Can you tell I'm nervous?
I'm totally sweating.

Whenever I use the word "totally" I always think of Jennifer Garner in 13 Going On 30 (which I loved.) And then I think about the part where she said, "It's because I have these incredible boobs to fill 'em out!"

Do you see what I'm doing? Do you sense it?
I'm stalling.

I do that, too.
When I'm nervous.

Okay, here goes...

I've written a book, an e-book actually. And if you want to read it you can. But if you don't want too I totally understand and there will be no hard feelings because I know you're busy and you don't have time to read and in fact you are probably sick of even hearing my voice all up in your head and I can totally relate to that - I get sick of hearing voices in my head, so I get it. And that's fine.

And that's all I wanted to say.

Exhaling sigh of relief.

Wait. Ya know what? No it isn't. No it isn't all I want to say. I want to go on. Oh, yes I do! So I here I go, with all my going on.

Chin up. Chest out. Uh, no. Not that far out. Back in a little. There, that's better.

As many of you know several months ago I wrote a series of blog posts entitled The Foxhole Series. The series, if you will remember, were centered around the AG and I's most recent miscarriage and all the stinkin' heartache that can bring. And then culminated over the adoption of one adorable little Rocco. There were several posts that were written, beginning with "My Nakedness" and ending with "The Foxhole Series: The Grand Finale."

Since writing those posts I have received so many emails from people all over who were touched (or maybe they're just touched in the head, I'm not sure which) by words that were so familiar to their own. By heartache that resonated with them. And by loss that mirrored something they had gone through.

Others were struck by the faithfulness of God through our adoption of Rocco. Some mentioned how eager they were to start a family. A few mentioned how the fact that God heard our cry for help gave them enough hope to believe he was hearing their cry, as well.

Oh, yes, our stories may be different - but heartache is heartache. Is it not?

So here's what I've done. I've compiled a book from that precious period of time; the time when God reminded me that I was neither overlooked or forgotten...and now I want to share them with you. In an e-book called...

From Foxholes to Faith.

I'll take your questions now.

Melissa, why would we need your book if we can just go back and read it on your blog?

Well, if you can find it on my blog - go ahead! But I don't even know that I could pinpoint the exact date that the whole sordid story began. I suppose I could, if I looked at a calendar or looked at the big pile of medical bills on my counter. But who wants to do that? So what I've done is put them in book form for you. Don't worry about looking up the dates, the work has already been done.

Also, there are those out there like my friend Ashley's mom, who has no idea what a blog is or how to look one up! Well now she doesn't have too. Because Ashley can just send this book right to her. Oh, Ashley - you are very welcome.

So Melissa, is the book exactly like your posts?

Yes. And no. They are taken exactly from the posts, word for word. But at the bottom of most pages I have written an update of sorts. Just some fresh thoughts from where I am now as opposed to where I was then. I also have added an introduction and a conclusion which I hope will speak volumes as to what this whole foxhole process meant to me.

Okay, let's have it, Melissa. How much does it cost?

Nothing. It doesn't cost anything. Seriously. There is no catch. Trust me, times are as hard for me right now as they are for you. I don't have an extra dime to my name and don't imagine you have one. So the book is free. From me to you. Merry Thanksgiving!

If I was a reader during the whole Foxhole series then I don't really need the book, do I?

Oh, Helen, that is an excellent question. I'm so glad you asked. Yes, you do need the book. And here's why. Number one, I've spent a lot of time writing those updates and those beginning and ending thoughts - and by George, you are gonna read them!

But also, and here is the serious KNOW somebody that needs to read this book. Yes, you do. There is someone you went to school with or work with, that you are in MOPS with or sit beside in church. You know someone whose husband just lost their job, who just got a bad report on their mammogram or just lost a mother to cancer. You know someone whose husband has walked out on them or whose wife took the kids. Or maybe you know someone, like me, who has wanted nothing more in this life than to be a mommy. So send it to them. For free. Just download and send it to ten people on your contact list. Or better yet, ten people on your prayer list.

Listen people, the needs are great out there right now. If we have a little bit of hope - then why not give it?

My story is certainly not the most powerful in the world, but it's true and honest and glorifies the faithfulness and goodness of God. So who knows, it may be just what the Good Doctor ordered.

Besides, look at what the critics are saying:

From Foxholes to Faith moved me so much! And I haven't even read it yet!
- Meridith

Not only did I live through this experience with her, I saw her grow into a woman of grace and character. I saw her bloom from tragedy and give women everywhere the hope to one day be a pillar of strength just like her. She is majestic and awe inspiring. And she looks glorious without one stitch of make-up on. And she in no way stood over me breathing fire down my neck as I typed these words.
- The Attorney General

The fact that Melissa can even spell Foxhole impresses the heck out of me.
- Brandon

I think she needs to charge big money for these books cause I'm sick of buying her meals.
- Poppie

Now she can add "author" to her list of professions. Along with interpretive dancer and hairstylist-in-training. Could a mother be more proud?
- Nonie

All of this, for Rocco?
- Remi

Come back tomorrow to download your copy of
From Foxholes to Faith.
God is so very good.


Tracy P. said...

Yes, He really is good! I'm looking forward to reading the updates, and having something all in one place to send along to others when the time is right. Thanks, Melissa!

Amy said...

Hello! Just a question. . .do you have a Paypal account set up that one may donate. . .ahem. . to you for the time and effort that you spent writing this book? Although, it is free, someone like, let's say, myself, hypothetically speaking, may want to throw a small amount of green your way! Please. . .please. . .please. . .let me know!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

StitchinByTheLake said...

So Melissa, could you explain to a non-technological friend how to find this e-book? blessings, marlene

Midwest Mommy said...

Can't wait.

Tabi said...

I can't wait!! Really...I can't....let me load it now...please?!?! PLEASE?!? Lol...j/k...I am so ready to read it!!

Tabi said...

I can't wait!! Really...I can't....let me load it now...please?!?! PLEASE?!? Lol...j/k...I am so ready to read it!!

Anonymous said...

My mamma's going to love it!!! Thanks!


The Hultman's said...

This is great! I am really looking forward to it.

Joie said...

fabulous! thanks for sharing. i have some moms and wishing to be mom's friends that will benefit form your story. i can't wait to download it and pass it on.

Sissy said...

I know it will be wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to write it all down, and share it with us.

Ashley said...

Can't wait to read it... I'll have my box of kleenex ready ;)

Katy Lin :) said...

can't wait to read it! what a great idea! :)

Leighann said...

My 4 yr. old saw me reading your blog and said, 'mommy, are you gonna cry?' she's says that everytime she sees Remi's picture! I think 'cause I've cried so much with you and cried so much from laughing so either way she sees tears. anywho....I look forward to reading the book.

Lacey in the Sky said...

First, I'm so proud of you and happy for you! You go girl! I think you rock! Second... I am gonna read that sucker front to back(err-first to last page?). AND third, I've got a little something to send to your little blessings Remi & Rocco... will you be a dear and email me with an address to ship them to?

Amy said...

oooohh. i know lots of people (including me) that need this book! i am so glad that God is using YOU!

Tassie said...

Melissa-You are such a witty and gifted writer. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but it's always the first one I read. Your story has touched so many people...thanks for paying the blessings forward.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to read your words. Even more, I cannot wait to share your words. This so stinking cool that you did this. You were faithful to His direction, girl, you rock!!
-- Brandi

Rhea said...

That's awesome, Melissa. Congrats!

Jenn said...

I can't wait to read it!

Wep said...

AWESOME :) I can't wait!!!

Pamela Johnson said...

you rock!! I am so excited!