Nov 27, 2008

My Personal Prayer

A Prayer of Thanksgiving.

Why is it today I feel the need to tell you
“Thank You?”

Why do I not make a habit out of this every day?

Tell me why it is I come to You more with questions than with thanks –
more with concerns than appreciation –
more with causes than with love.

Tell me why that is. For that I am truly sorry.

And so today, on this day of thanks,
allow me to tell You what I’m thankful for.

You will find that this prayer may not be what You hear from everyone, but that’s okay, I know You like variety.
I am thankful today for my family.
The ones I was born to love and the ones I came to love.
The ones who call me “family” as well as the ones who call me “ friend.”

I am thankful for the home I live in.
It might be small and it might certainly not be clean,
but it is here and now and that is all I could ever ask for or want.

I thank You for my health for it may not be here tomorrow.

And I thank You for my life, for I gave it away to You,
and You may decide to take me up on that just any day now.

I thank You that the world we live in now
is not the world we will spend eternity in…
there is something greater, someplace better
that You have in store for us.
And I wait for it with an expectant and grateful heart.

I am thankful today because for every penny
I have
it is a penny more than some.

The clothes that wrap my body are warmer than some are wearing even now.

And the shoes that cover my feet
are not as worn as some that are being worn this minute.

I am thankful today that amidst war and catastrophe,
amidst elections and persecution,
my table is surrounded by love.
Thus my table, and my heart, are full.

And lastly, Lord, I am thankful today that the love You have shown for me
is greater than the love I have ever shown towards You.

That the faithfulness of which you bestow on me
transcends any faithfulness I have given You.
I am thankful that every tear I’ve ever cried has been held captive,
literally, by Your love.

That a record was kept of them and restoration was brought for them.

I am thankful that the years the locust had eaten were
restored to me tenfold.
And when they were restored they were done so
with abounding joy and great hope for tomorrow.

So today, with all I have in me, my heart sings…
Great Is Thy Faithfulness.
Great Is Thy Faithfulness.
Morning By Morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed thy hand has provided.
Great is thy faithfulness Lord, unto me.

Unto all of us, in fact…
And so may You find me, Your servant,
faithful to You as well.

I love You with all my heart…


Anonymous said...

What a lovely prayer. I'm a little misty eyed over here after reading it.

Truly we have so much to be thankful for everyday.
James 1:17

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Hultman's said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful prayer. I hope we can all make similar prayers to God today, for He is faithful.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Thank you, Melissa, for this beautiful prayer. I'd like to join you in it if I may. Great is Thy faithfulness Lord. blessings, marlene

Givinya De Elba said...

Lovely. I like the line, "Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow." What a great hymn that is.

Lynda said...

Amen...blessings to you and yours.

Tassie said...

I pray the Lord keeps you and your family close to His heart. Thanks for sharing your life with the world.

Anonymous said...

i always thought stretch marks were sexy,

Tracy P. said...


Anonymous said...

I just read your e-book and I am at a loss for words. I have followed your story from the beginning (or close to it) but to read it all at once... again, no words.

I find myself in a difficult place, with only a mustard seed of faith. In fact that is why I am doing this anonymously because no one yet knows our news. We lost a baby almost 3 years ago and I have been terrified to get pregnant again. But, in June I felt God telling me to "move forward! Forget the former things...FORWARD!" So that is what we did and here we are, 9 weeks pregnant and terrified! Every wave of nausea I thank God for because I am so scared it won't be there tomorrow. How I long for those hormones!

So back to you... THANK YOU! Thank you for writing your story. Thank you for being real and at times angry. Thank you for being truthful. Thank you for reminding me that God is Faithful. He will not leave me nor forsake me. His mercies are new every morning. He knows my name and has not forgotten me. Thank you for your testimony. Through your pain and rejoicing, God is using you to love us. So, thank you!

Melissa said...

You truly are a gifted writer. Thank you for this echo of my heart, Melissa....