Nov 11, 2008

"Bond" is also a Dental Adhesive. Which may come in handy just any day now.

Doesn't today just feel like a 007 kind of day? It does around our house.

I mean, if you know me at all then you know I have been counting down the days until Quantum of Solace.

I mean, who doesn't believe:

Microscopic radio phones that burst into flames and shoot poison darts into people.

Or a lipstick tube that begins to talk and and walk and breathe radioactive energy and death rays.

Or when a Ford Taurus becomes an Aston Martin convertible and converts gas into a deadly fuel that makes ugly girls become beautiful bikini clad CIA agents.

Nobody can make that kind of stuff up - know what I'm sayin'?

I mean, that kind of stuff? Right up my alley.


The Attorney General, however? He's alllllllll over it.

He seems to find the whole genre completely believable and not at all predictable. (But then again he is a firm believer that our nation would not be in the shape it's in today if there really were...a Jack Bauer. Lordy, don't get him started.)

But I have to tell ya, if my opposing enemy were named Hugo Drax, Goldfinger or Dr. No (all real Bond villains, mind you) and if there primary purpose in life was to finance Soviet Operations in the Caribbean, rob Fort Knox or escape bankruptcy by playing a game of baccarat (all real objectives, mind you) then I'm not entirely certain this is the man I would put up for the job.


Shelley said...

Wow, he really looks old.

Denise said...

Thats a creepy picture. I remember watching him as Bond (not willing) and he was WAY better looking back then.

Anonymous said...

Child, what are you doing up at 3:31AM?

Rhonda said...

I find myself wondering what he was saying when this was taken? He looks incredibly happy and proud of himself. He probably just ordered a hit on someone. Hmmmm.

Melissa, you asked a little while ago how I was doing. I couldn't put anything into words at the time, but the answer is on my blog today.


Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

See, this IS funny.
It's the photo at the end that's the real punchline.

Suzanne said...

That is a very creepy picture! And after reading your post... I DO think this is funny! I laughed at the end of it... creepy pic and all!

Suzy said...

It WAS a funny post. The picture, in context, is funny. But ouch! He used to be such a hottie in THE 80's. Not so much in HIS 80's.

Crazy Sister said...

Nice pic!

I have a foot in both camps - I think Bond is ridiculous, but fully enjoy watching it. go figure.

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Who is that guy? He is CREEPY!

I LOVE DANIEL CRAIG AS BOND! This is why I cannot wait for the Quantum of Solace. Mostly because it means I will see him nekked at some point it the film, and I will get to hear him talk with that accent and shoot poison darts at people!

Ridiculous? Of COURSE!

I am the Queen of Ridiculous after all!