Oct 10, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Nothing.

Meridith gets a kick out of the fact that I use a menu I have created for the week.
It keeps me sane, people.
I plan what we are having every night of the week - then I buy the appropriate groceries. This keeps me from coming home with 8 bags of groceries full of nothing but Blue Bell and Enfamil (cause one of those does nothing for me.)

So she jokes. Oh, yes she does. I've heard words like "nerd," "lame," "cheesy."

But who was it that came walking into the kitchen last night around 5:15PM looked up at the menu sheet and yelled, "Yeah! It's taco ring night!"

I think this is what we call "a convert!" Or either just a really hungry house guest.

So imagine her surprise when she saw that on a Friday night we were having chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy.

"Wow! Who's coming over?"

"No one. That's our regular Friday night meal."

"Well, then why did we have to eat a casserole and Lima beans on Tuesday and have to wait until Friday for the good stuff?"

"Because I like to serve the good stuff on a night that was normally reserved for exciting things. Like dinners out, movies, meeting up with friends. But now that I have no life to speak of I try to self-soothe myself by making things like chicken tenders. Because chicken tenders keep me from losing my mind! Chicken tenders make me feel like I am getting to eat something really fun!! Chicken tenders STAND FOR SOMETHING!!!"

"Dear Lord.....if I am going to get a life in this town - it is not going to happen inside this house."

"Do you want me to make enough chicken tenders for you?"

"Yeah...I'll be here."

Don't get into any trouble this weekend, my lovelies.
And don't worry, I'll eat some tenders for ya!


Charloe said...

The chicken tenders look yummy! I'll come over and eat Meredith's if she somehow gets a "life" today!

Could you post the recipe, please?

Amy said...

I guess Im a nerd too! I HAVE to use a menu. It is a MUST! Like you, I would come home with $200 worth of J.U.N.K.

Mrs. De Miranda said...

yummm...chicken fingers! and bluebell...yummm

and you are right, they are the best on nights like a friday! Friday nights are the best because they are the end of the work week, and the beginning of the weekend!!!

GoodTimeGIrl said...

RECIPE! RECIPE! RECIPE! Girl, those look sooooo good!!! I love chicken tenders too. Please post the recipe so my hubby and I can enjoy them too. And BTW, do you make your own honey mustard or is that a special brand? Honey mustard is my fav!

Anita J. said...

THAT'S IT!!! (Lucy shouts, sending Schroeder tumbling over backwards)

Chicken tenders, my dear. I can almost hear music...

so we should probably meet at O'Charley's where we can order LOTS of chicken tenders with sauces and squishy bread and bottomless tea or coke. Forget the big bunch of women and the parade and all that other stuff.

I'll bring Theda (with the fat lip) and her sister Diana. Let's laugh off all the calories, shall we?

I'm sorry. You said chicken tenders and I went a little crazy. Forgive me. I have to go cook a bird now. :O)

Leah said...

I do the exact same thing! Yes, it does keep the dinner hour sane since you aren't scrambling around trying to figure out what to make and it does keep the grocery bill down since you are only buying the items that you are going to actually eat and not spending money on a bunch of things that don't really make for a good dinner.

I'll be coming by on Thursday nights for Taco Ring night! I LOVE Taco Rings and it's made here often too!

Rhonda said...

Those. Look. Delicious!

And I hear you with the whole no life thing. It's been 14 1/2 years since I've had one. lol

Supper around here was basically whatever one found. One had soup, one had cereal, another had toast, I just finally had a microwaved potato (not counting the doughnut I just snuck on my way home) and the other isn't home yet. But God only knows what he'll have. Cuz I'm certainly not making it.


Theda said...

re:anita j - ummm - we still aren't PAST the fat lip...? and OC's sounds delightful - what day, time? Who else wants to come??!!

and... I totally make Schroeder flip like that ALL THE TIME!!

oh and re:taco ring - RECIPE RECIPE RECIPE!! Sounds like a hit at our house!!
Melissa - Nerds rule!! I wanna be you when I grow up!

Esther said...

I'm all for the menu planner except (and how's this for nerdy and over-organised), mine is a monthly menu. Yep, I know exactly what I'll be having for dinner for the entire month.I know, not very spontaneous but I do swap things around sometimes. We might have the chicken on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday. Woo hoo!

But it does make things easier. I hate getting to 5:30pm and then trying to work out what to have for dinner and whether I can be bothered to go out to the shops to get the makings. I do my shopping monthly too (except for milk/bread/veges.)

Denise said...

Im with Esther on this one, I plan for a whole month at a time. So far no complaints from my peanut gallery... I guess they are just glad that I cook everyday. and yes, your chicken looks YUMMY!!

Kristan said...

thank goodness I'm not the only menu planner around here!! I don't plan it out per day, just have dinners that I know I have the groceries for! If not I will come home and have plenty of mini marshmallows, cheese crackers, and spaghetti for everyone!!! your too funny...I too would love that recipe!!

Sissy said...

If you are making those from scratch, the next post better be a recipe. And if you're not, the next post should tell me what brand they are and what supermarket you got them at. A girl's gotta know where good chicken fingers come from.

Midwest Mommy said...

Frozen Tombstone pizzas have been our Friday night out lately. Two kids + a restaurant = I don't think so!!

Becky said...
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monica said...

i'm chiming in to request the recipe, too! the look lovely. and i so agree that chicken fingers stand for something!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm so lost if I don't have a grocery list and meals planned out. I always forget something otherwise. IF you're a nerd than so am I. Though I prefer to call myself a "Domestic Genius/Chef." They can call us names all they like but who's gonna feed them when they're hungry?