Oct 7, 2008

Don't Push Me Cause I'm Close To The Edge. I'm Tryin' Not To Lose My Head.

Okay, that was my personal shout-out to all you Grand Funk Railroad fans out there. All 4 of you.

Lotsa people think Diddy did that song first. Diddy did not.

Of course none of this even matters because the topic I am writing about has nothing to do with Grand Funk Railroad or Diddy. So, why then did I use these lyrics?

Because I am, indeed, close to the edge and trying not to lose my head. That's why.
Keep up.

But now that I think about it, today's post should have been entitled "Dear Meridith." In fact, I shall now declare that heretofore I shall call this post "Dear Meridith."

I just looked up the definition to the word heretofore, and I am not using it correctly. at. all. But I am in the mood for something old and Jane Austinish and I'm using it anyway. But I beseech you to send me nary a comment about it or I shalt track thee down and plunder thee. Oh wait, let me Google the word "plunder."
Nope, won't be doing that.
But you get the gist.

On with it!

Dear Meridith,

Tonight you mentioned something in passing that I would like to discuss with you. It is a private matter so I am only writing to you about it here, on my blog.

Earlier this evening after dinner was fixed we all plopped down on the couch for some T.V. For we are American - and this is what we do. As you were checking your email you noticed that the AG and I were watching Fringe. I believe your word were, "Are y'all still watching that show?"

Now certainly you weren't talking about the actual SHOW. For Fringe is a J.J. Abrams show and so I think you know how I feel about all things J.J. Abrams. I love it. Yes, Fringe makes no sense to me. And yes, it is entirely over my head. But it is cool. So I will continue to watch it until I can come up with a coherent sentence to use in conversation that will impress people. I believe people are growing tired of my references to Gopher and Isaac. I have got to move on.

But no, you were referring to the actual episode.

And that leads me to my note to you.

Yes, we were still watching the episode that previously aired on Tuesday night the 23rd. Because - and here goes - it takes us 11 days to watch one full hour of television.

I am not sure if everyone has this problem. We do. If you are going to live with us you need to be made aware of it right now.

Oftentimes we sit down with every intention of watching a show in it's entirety. Rarely, rarely, does that actually happen. I normally am not one to point the finger. Honestly, you know this about me. I would rather walk on my lips that talk about someone, but I have to say, the fault here lies with one person. Only one.

Oh, sure. She's cute. But she's a master at television mind control. You wouldn't know it by looking at her. But she hates the T.V. Unless Elmo is on it. Or Max. Or his busybody sister, Ruby. Other than those few there is really nothing on television she like for us to watch.

So she plots.

And she plans.

And when we turn the television on she suddenly needs a cuppy. Or a bath. She suddenly decides that the puzzle she threw across the room hours earlier is calling her name. The cat she normally ignores she now decides to chase. The food she turned her nose up at, suddenly smells delightful. She wants to read, or draw, color or paint. She wants to sit in my lap. Her daddies lap. Her 1 month old brother's lap. She wants to call Bonga. She wants to sing into a hairbrush. She wants to learn Spanish. She wants to check Priceline for tickets to Marrakesh.

You name it. She suddenly wants to do it.

So yes, we are "still watching that show." We also just finished the series finale of Everybody Loves Raymond. Just found out who shot J.R. And just spent two hours trying to vote for Reuben Studdard.

Get used to it.

Tomorrow night, after dinner, we will all retire to the living room to finish watching Micheal Phelps go for his first gold. If Remi will let us.

I do hope you'll join us.


Kendrawolf said...

THAT is too funny!!

Lacey in the Sky said...

Hahaha! Oh. my. goodness. I would go crazy living in your house. That picture just makes me like this kid even more! She's too sassy and fabulous for her own good!

p.s. Reuben wins, I think Kristin shot J.R. and Ray gets his appendix out. I'M SORRY!! But someone had to do it! For Remi's sake! hehe

My2Gs said...

Oh many, we sooo have that problem in our house too! Except her name isn't Remi, it's Grace and boy does that 3 year old have a little motor mouth LOL :)

Sissy said...

I don't have the Remi problem, but I do have my 66 year old mother asking "what'd they say?" Because she can't hear and she can't read the close caption fast enough. That God we have DVR and can pause to explain. Love Fringe, by the way.

Wep said...

Ok, first of LOVE LOVE LOVE GrandFunk, Diddy AND Jane Austin. It's rare you find other people who like that combination.


ROFLMAO. I can't watch shows either mainly because I fall asleep :)

KimmyJ said...

Man can I relate! She is adorable. Thank goodness for the DVR or I'd never watch a thing!

Mrs. De Miranda said...

"And in the eighth day, God made DVR...no wait, Google. And the ninth DVR. And it was good."
--brought to you by my sister--

Candice said...

I love Fringe! (It's way over my head too, but I still love it)

Lynda said...

OMG - it's just the same with a teenager...right when you sit down, they want to drag out all their drama and SHARE it!

Rhea said...

Remi, Remi, Remi. lol

I love all things J.J. Abrams also. Alias and LOST are my most favorite shows EVER. So why haven't I checked out FRINGE yet?! I totally need to.

Breanne said...

Too funny - My daughter is like that too,. She controls mosy everythign around our house. She loves Max Ruby. I do put her to bed early though and watch me some shows.

The Shoup Family said...

Okay... oh hilarious one!! You truly have my sympathies... with our first two girls they have been quite 'engaged' to watch a movie with us... only because we don't have tv/cable/dish/satellite/whathaveyou. Now with our third being the boyish little man at 4 months old... I can see this unfolding already. He is already a ham/clown/sucker-you-into-me kinda boy. Maybe its just because he is my first boy and Remi is an irresistable little miss... its a beautiful thing that they will have our full attention even through our last nerve... despite our hopes and desires for all else. She IS precious I have to say! hint hint... I have come to watching movies INSTANTLY through Netflix on the- shhh... the computer. That way it looks like I am getting something done half the time. But that is my way of getting something watched... while uh... scraaaaaapboooooking.... dont shoot me!

The Shoup Family said...

oh and I am a DIEHARD Jane Austen fan... who is always in the mood for funk... though Diddy is a little frilly for a man who professes to rap. Like it was said by 'wep'... its fun to have off the wall combinations of interest ain't it... really screws with peoples heads!

Sarah B. said...

It takes me a few days to watch Fringe BUT it is so worth it...I adored Pacey. When the kids get older (mine are 6 and 8) they won't bug you when you are watching TV however you we will be so tired by 830 (when you finally get them in their bed for good) from running them to soccer and ballet and dropping off play dates and getting homework done and finishing the LONG 20 min of mandatory reaading and cleaning up the dinner mess that you can't keep your eyes open to watch it. Just remember to keep on keeping on..Fringe is worth it.

Tabi said...

sounds like my house! Kids usually don't need anything until I am either on the phone or trying to watch a show....that is when their worlds fall apart and they need me for everything!! Gotta love 'em! I love the picture of Remi, such a innocent little girl who would do anything wrong momma!! :P

Rhonda said...

I LOVE that picture of Remi!! How cute and innocent is she? In fact, so innocent that I'm not sure I'm willing to believe she would have it in her to "scheme".

And then reality kicks in. Along with memories of my own children.


And people say we'll miss this when they're grown?

marykay said...

I think I have her twin sister,that was separated at birth living with me! That is my house definately!

Ronnica said...

Love your sense of humor! I'm taking it you really need it right about now...

Tracy P. said...

I love Max...and "oh where is my hairbrush"...and checking Priceline for tickets to Marrakesh. Where in the world do you come up with this stuff?? Seriously.

I haven't made me any Texas Gold Bars yet. But I'm going to. SOON!

Petts Allowed said...

I want tickets to Marrakesh, too, with my BFF Remi!! She does Love ME!, and not that T.J. kid! Ha!HA!That made me laugh this am, thanks for sharing! Kathi

michelle said...


*giggles as she runs away to avoid being plundered.*

thanks for an entertaining read!

Shelley said...

What is fringe? Is that a regional thing?

Remi is so cute. But I do understand the having to not watch a whole TV show.