Sep 12, 2008

Note To Today's Readers: There Are Much Better Things You Could Be Doing With Your Time.

No worries, no worries. I am NOT going to talk about my kiddos today. So have no fear. Nope, I will not be discussing my kids lest I become one of those blogs.

Oh yeah - you know the ones I'm talking about; where every day that you go and check it out there's a different picture of some kid with a bowl turned upside down on their head and you think to yourself, " there's a face only a grandmother could love."

What? You've never thought that?

Oh, okay. Well, now I just feel bad.

So I'm coming up short on what to blog about tonight. Not there are not a lot of things to discuss. Oh, I assure you, there are.

For instance. I could go into great detail on my trip to Costco and how the AG said I absolutely positively could not get the Mamma Mia soundtrack, but then he bought it for me anyway. And then he said I absolutely positively could not buy the Trisha Yearwood cookbook because I would just read it and never actually use it, but then he bought it for me anyway. And we have been home for some time now and I have neither opened the cd or the book and it is causing some real tension up in here.

I could discuss the new study that came out that says if you have "fat in your genes" (their words, not mine) then you might can overcome it. BY LIVING LIKE THE AMISH. In other words, by getting between 3-4 hours of exercise or physical activity a day by working outside.

Honestly, even as I type these words I wonder if I read that article correctly. They expect me to do 3 to 4 hours of hard labor??? Outdoors??? I'M NOT AMISH. There is a reason I choose to drive an SUV and spray my hair. And ya know, to be perfectly honest, at this point in my life I really do not need the Amish making fun of me.

Or I could discuss at length this whole Jonas Brothers / Purity Ring / MTV VMA's thang and how sickened I am by it. Do you guys know what I'm referring to? If not, read here. It's just ridiculous and goes to show you how mocked we are in this day and age for being true to ourselves, our values, and even our future spouse.

Of course, I'm fond of these boys. I have to tell ya. The AG has recently made some connections with this family (due to running in some of the same circles in the music business...just another reason why I find the AG delicious and hot. His power and connections. Shallow? Maybe. True? Absolutely.) And y'all, say what you want about their music, but they are good boys. They are super respectful to their parents. They go everywhere with their dad. And, they TITHE for pete's sake. I mean, how many kiddos do you know who would do that?

Sidenote: In fact, I would like to go on record as saying that I ACTUALLY KNEW that Joe Jonas was seeing Taylor Swift WEEEEEKS before People magazine reported it - and I wanted so badly to call my friend April and tell her, because she cares about silly minutia like that, but the AG wouldn't let me. And I had to promise not to tell in hopes that the next time he got a juicy piece of information he would pass it on to me once again. And then I would FOR SURE go to April!! And no, he may never share anything else with me - but it would have been totally worth it.

But I won't bore you with all of those things. Instead, I'll let you get back to your super exciting Friday. And as I sit here and stain-stick the spit up on my clothes I'll think of you and what you're doing on this Friday. So share it with me.

Go ahead.

Rub it in.


Allegro ma non troppo said...

Well, since you asked, I'm eating milk powder right now. Cause I saw a box of it in the supermarket and remembered how much I liked to eat it as a kid. But you know what? Not so much, now!

I thought to myself, "I'll hop on over to Stretch Marks and see how Melissa's kids are doing." Huh. Fine then.

Lacey in the Sky said...

I don't know what I'm doing... but whatever it is, and wherever I am... I'm planning on having a margarita in my hand. (def. not milk powder. I'm not ever sure what milk powder is, but I'm now concerned about the blogger above me! Gonna go check her fear.)

Robin said...

I always enjoy coming here and reading what you're thinking. And today, I'm thinking you're one lucky duck!! Getting good, juicy info on the Jonas Brothers!! And not sharing?? That takes some mighty restraint. You're a good wife. :)
I'm glad to hear that they are good boys b/c we need some of those out there for our girls to look up to.

Shelley said...

I'm fixing to go to work on the farm today. Thought I'd drop in real quick and see what you and the babies are up to.

I'm so pleased that you have throw up on your shirt. What a blessing. (Of course, when it was happening to me, I didn't think it was such a blessing). But I digress.......I love reading your blog and your thoughts on the everyday and not so everyday things.

God bless you girl.

Rhonda said...

Today my family is participating in the annual Suicide Awareness March in memory of my sister-in-law. I have a couple of pictures on my blog today for Foto Fiesta Friday.

Also, what is a purity ring? It sounds uncomfortable.

I'm totally going to tell my girls that I KNOW someone who is tight the the Jonas Brothers! Oooh, I'll be a totally cool parent for, like, five minutes! I can't wait! Hey, can you ask them if they'd come to Edmonton when they're in Canada? I'd really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

That Brand dude is wearing eyeliner and has bigger (and better I might add) hair than I do. Nuff said.

Amy said...

Well---I think it is just awesome that you can say "my kids". Don't you? about them for goodness sake. I didn't give a flip about the Jonas Brothers UNTIL I found out they wore purity rings and now you told me they TITHE! So..hook a sista up. I need a guy like that for my daughter, when she gets a tad older ;)
OOH-my 3rd child was a HUGE spitter-Spit up at the time and the thing that works the VERY best is Nursery and Toddler stain remover. We only have Walmart here..I know, how sad. BUT. I got it at Walmart in the baby section. It is FAB. Also, the Dreft does a good job getting it out. Just FYI if you didnt know, which Im quite sure you did since you have Remi. But see, if I DIDNT tell you and you DIDNT know then what kinda friend would I be? So, have fun!

must not be blank said... interesting Friday probably is going to involve taking a perfectly healthy, but over dramatic 10 year old to the doctor because her her chest hurts and 'can't breathe'.
Never mind the fact that she has been around furry animals that she is allergic to...or the fact that she was just running around the school yard chasing a boy and had no problem breathing.
She is in P A I N and can't breathe!!

See what you have to look forward to?!

Lula! said...

I'm hanging out with Joe and Taylor.

And Nick and Selena.

See? You're not the only one with industry connections. I got my own right there in the N'ville, baby! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!

Adelaine said...

My Friday? Well, I'm sitting her at work trying to get the drive up to work. Then this afternoon I'm going to Kohls to get Tres some fall jammies, Dos a jacket, and me some pants with my 30% off coupon. Then Uno has piano lessons early this evening. And lastly, we are going to a football game that our town is playing against my boss' town. My boss is an assistant coach and I want to see him make a fool of himself :)

My fav stain remover is Shout Advanced :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter met Nick Jonas when they were here a few weeks ago in Atlanta.

Her bedroom is plastered, PLASTERED, I tell you - with Nick's face.

She wants to marry him. Even said she's going to learn to cook for a diabetic.

I know she's one of a million other girls who feel the same. But I'm telling you - she IS one in a million.

Nick Jonas should be so lucky to find a girl who loves Jesus first, is saving herself for marriage and tithes herself.

Have a ball with that stain stick and bless the Lord for the reason you need it, right??

Nicole @ Four Real said...

Let me just say that not only do I love the Jonas Brothers because my daughter LOVES them, but because I just do! They are precious and where were they when I was 16? And also, I know a very cute little 9 year old girl who would be your best friend if you just happened to maybe get her to meet them? Hey, you'll try anything for your kids! :)

katylinvw said...

well, i don't exactly keep up with the Jonas bros so i'm gonna head over and read that article so i can know whereof you speak. for the rest of today, i will be working, and this evening i get to babysit a robot :) lol! hope you have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Nothin' to be jealous of here...Just doing laundry and cleaning house to the tune of Sesame Street and fighting in the background...I am Sooo in your boat girl!

Amy Jo

BTW: I love stories of the kiddos!

Trish said...

hey, i'm sittin here this morning with my stain stick trying to get spit up out of my clothes.
It is all the rage you know.

Okay, just kidding. I'm sitting here enjoying my day of fame wit hmy guest post at Blog Around the World. But in about 37 seconds reality is going to hit me and I'm going to have to make breakfast, get two boys off to school and godo my school volunteer duties.........

see, we live just as dangerously over here on this side of the continent.

I want a purity ring wearing Jo Bros of my own.

They are all hotter than the AG!!

Kelley said...

I love it when you say "my kidS".

And about that kid with the bowl on his sister and I wonder...if your kids are not cute, do you know it?

happymcfamily said...

Friday... we are going flower girl dress shopping. And I will take pictures. And post 20 of them on my blog. Because I have one of THOSE kinds of blogs. In fact, that is the whole purpose of my blog :)

Jonas bros... when Della Rosa was out here for Disciple Now, the mom at the house they stayed at played a trick on her 3rd grade daughter and convinced her that one of the Jonas Brothers was sleeping at their house (Josh H.). Hilarious.

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Oh, well, my days if very exciting. I plan to fold clothes. There, see. You are not the only person who has fun on Fridays!

Trish said...

they only poke fun at one's virginity, because they know what they are doing is wrong and want to feel as if they are doing what is right!

Go Jonas Brothers...I don't even know if I've heard one of their songs, but I'm a fan!!!

Anita J. said...

I'm making my home educated children clean out their closets and toy bins between lessons. Wouldn't the Amish be proud?

Hey, there's and Amish store down the road from me that has GREAT granola with butter and brown sugar. They sell a lot of white bread too. How's THAT for living like the Amish?

Anonymous said...

Go Friday!! I am sitting at work reading blogs, until I GET to go to DS#2 in Watertown to "help" him clean his apartment before he moves out. I think I'd rather be spit-up on. (Boys and their Toy-lets) Uhg!
I LOVE your blog, your honesty, and your ability to speak directly to my heart. As for AG - isn't it great to have someone who thinks of you as his Princess-Bride and is a HOTTY himself. I could not live w/o mine.

Lauren and Justin said...

i want more pics of rocco :)

still so excited for y'all

Petts Allowed said...

Know what I did? I was at the high school for 2 1/2 hrs, passing out T-shirts to all the seniors (with all their names on the back). And I'm very sad--because my son's name is on the back of these 400 or so t-shirts. It brings tears to my eyes! So please enjoy stain sticking your spit-up!! It goes way too fast. I just lost a few more tears writing this! Take care! Kathi
PS I think the Amish down in Lawrenceburg have out help wanted signs--go check it out!!

Wep said...

OMG the Amish thing cracked me up.


Anita J. said...

I was lying here resting (again) and I thought, "Ooh, I know of something better to do," so I'm going to spend a little time perusing your past blogs.

Doesn't laughter burn calories?

YES!! I just found this, and the study was done at Vanderbilt, baby.

"Laughing is almost the same as aerobics exercise, which benefit especially the upper part of the body. It is a work out for diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, shoulders, back muscles and even legs. Moreover, it makes digestion and absorption system functioning better. According to some studies, laughter can burn calories equal to walking or biking."

Well, I gotta go. Time to do a Melissa Lee Workout. If you have a video let me know. Then I can lay on the couch while I work out.

Angela said...

Hey, enjoy every minute of that spit up phase - it'll be gone before you know it!

And I've been sick all week, so guarantee you're having more fun than me, LOL!


Anonymous said...

What??? You had info and did not tell me??? We are going to have a little refresher course in "What I need to tell April"

We will talk about this later for sure!


Kristen Schiffman said...

I have to agree 100% about the Jonas Brothers thing -- I seriously wanted to take that guy out when he made fun of them. lol. Not a very Christ-like reaction but He and I are working on it. ; )

Rhea said...

I had a job interview at Barnes and Noble, because if I have to work I need to be around books.

And I'm scared I won't even get that job, because I'm insecure.

And I want to just hole up in my bed and spend the weekend writing but these two pesky boys I have want me to interact...and feed them. What gives?!

Merrie said...

Music connections? Ever met Amy and/or Vince? Have ya - have ya?

And how's that cute little baby? :)

Hollie said...

hey there, I came across your blog and LOVE it! I have laughed so hard while reading through it and I think we may have the same sense of humor!
oh yea, confession: I married with a child and STILL follow celebs, even if they are almost half my age! ha!