Aug 11, 2008

We're Taking Reservations for Next Weekend.

So this weekend was really something. Really, it was.

On Friday we flew to Costa Rica just to have coffee with some friends. We had a fine time and promised to do it all again real soon. We lied. We were bored. I mean, Costa Rica? Seriously? Who does the Costa anymore?

On Saturday we spent the afternoon with Micheal Phelps. He had just won the gold and so we bought him some noodles and some shorts that sit a tad bit higher.

Okay, even I can't keep this up.

Here was our weekend. Don't be jealous.


Had chili-dogs for dinner.

Watched the Opening Ceremonies and tried to figure our budget out so that we could go to Beijing. Looks like it's gonna happen in 2024. Fingers crossed. It's gonna be great!

Called the doctor for a prescription for my new friend, Bladder Infection. Lovely.

Told Remi the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den revealing the insurmountable fact that lions can, in fact, eat us. Dear Ann Landers, what was I thinking?


Had chili-dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hung out outside the bathroom door thanks to my new friend, Bladder Infection.

Watched the Olympics.

Answered the question, "Mama, a lion can eat you. Can a lion eat you?" 874 TIMES.


Finished up Bladder Infection medicine and had them call something in for a head cold.

Re-read the book of Job.

Watched the Olympics while eating a brownie. Found the irony in this very sad.

Doctored a bite I got when Remi was pretending to be a lion.

So how was yours?
It wasn't this good, was it?
Don't forget - envy kills.


AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Being sick is never fun! Hope the infection and head cold leaves you soon.

As for my weekend...hmmm..watched a lot of Olympics, all the time wondering how the athletes get and stay so motivated. Can't remember what we had for meals...and we'll see you in Bejing in 2024 as well! :)

ugagirl30 said...

How can anyone hate the Olympics??? My hubby was making fun of me yesterday for watching Olympic swimming. But last night we were watching the Olympics in bed and the man was actually yelling at the tv cheering on the US Men's swim team as they captured the gold from the French who said they were going to "smash" the Americans. He was chanting "USA" and pumping his fist into the air at the end of the race. Too funny!

Sorry you are sick. Hopefully you're feeling better today.

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Your weekend was better than mine. I cleaned out my bedroom...and discovered just how much CRAP I have stored in there!

Deanna said...

mmmm...chili dogs.

Still praying.

Must share your recipe for doctoring bites from small children. K-man has broken my skin once and left bruises in several places...boobs being the worst. (I'm guessing he's still bitter over that whole not-breastfeeding thing)

Adelaine said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well :( That is absolutely no way to spend the weekend!!

I believe in honesty with your children - you did the right thing telling her that lions actually can eat you. Of course Veggie Tales doesn't help with Junior Asparagus having a pizza party in the lions den!!!

I hope the sickies go away soon....and that Remi doesn't catch the head cold!

Adelaine said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well :( That is absolutely no way to spend the weekend!!

I believe in honesty with your children - you did the right thing telling her that lions actually can eat you. Of course Veggie Tales doesn't help with Junior Asparagus having a pizza party in the lions den!!!

I hope the sickies go away soon....and that Remi doesn't catch the head cold!

Amy said...

I had about the same weekend as you. B.O.R.I.N.G.!
The difference is, I dont really like the olympics. I know, unAmercian. Hope you feel better!

Lynda said...

Went to see "Mama Mia" with a big group of women and just had girl-time - it was great.

And lots of Olympics!

Perksofbeingme said...

This weekend was full of laugher and tears, hugs and smiles, new friends and goodbyes. Saturday was the end of MDA camp for me, and it brought tears to my eyes (as it always does). Sunday was spent recovering from camp and now I'm back in the swing of things with work. How I wish I could be back at camp.

Anonymous said...

You "forgot" to mention that you "chose" those leftover chili dogs! Your blogger fans are going to get the impression that your real friends aren't very thoughtful (and Lord knows we are too good to you!) so I'm gonna' need to insert that we offered to bring you a good ole' fried chicken dinner... and ....
you. turned. us. down!

Just for the record. That's all I'm sayin'! :O)

Lauren W said...

Oh man... that does sound pretty intense! I can just imagine Remi's little face with the realization that lions can eat people.
Here's hoping that you start feeling better soon.

Still praying.

Lula! said...

And now I know why you reread the book of Job..."though He slay me, I will trust Him."

Yes. So true.

Have a good week!
p.s. Mine weekend was so fabulous that I hate to brag. Ok, I really don't, but I'm sparing you the details. Envy does indeed kill.

Melissa said...

Hey babe! You're so fabulous.
Have you ever tried Cinncinati Chili? It's probably incredibleous on a dog! I eat it on spaghetti noodles with onions, cheese and sour cream. Oh my chest pains! So worth it!

Sheri said...

So sorry you are sick!

Lots of Olympics, lots of racing, even got in boy and kid time. I even watched Badminton. Wait . . . did I spell that right? Going to be a busy week, but that keeps me out of trouble!

PS - once had a kid expelled from pre-school for his biting shenanigans. My poor boob was traumatized!

Ronnica said...

Like your comment about Phelps's shorts. Every time I see his celebration of his 2nd gold I think he's going to bare all...

I was definitely eating cookies while watching the Olympics. But watching the swimming has increased my desire to be in the pool, so I'll be doing laps this evening. I won't be doing 100m in 46 seconds though, that's for sure.

In regards to SYTYCD, I really liked the finale. I was glad that Josh won, though he wasn't my favorite. I would have also been really happy for Twitch. The two girls that watch the show with me think that Joshua is better/cuter, but I think that while he might be a better all around dancer, Twitch is more fun and cuter!

Oh, and don't worry about the grammar/spelling issues. I haven't noticed you having any problems. It's just when it's overwhelming that I'll stop reading, but you're nowhere near that threshhold!

Rhonda said...

I had a very full weekend also.

It started with drinks for a friend at their place in our old neighbourhood, which my family has never forgiven me for moving them out of. Had the beginning of a headache.

Saturday was a wedding to photograph. I had three flashes that would not work, so the outcome was not good. Still working on that headache. It just won’t quit.

Sunday worked on that wedding, book, slideshow etc.

Played a soccer game three miles from the nearest bathroom on day 2 of my period. Not nice. Sucks to be a girl.

Worked on wedding. Went to see in-laws. Briefly. Worked on wedding again.

Headache turned to migraine on and off throughout the day.

Monday, still have headache.

Yup. Full-filling. Not.

Rhea said...

A child/lion bite, a head cold and a bladder infection? Girl, you sure know how to have a good time. lol Ick.

We drove to Austin for the weekend to stay with the inlaws and attend a family wedding. (Austin's four hours or so from Dallas)

It was fun, but I'm glad to be back home.

Anonymous said...

She bit you?!? Ahahahah! If your bladder infection will let you, get down on the floor, rumple up your hair, and start growling and snarling at your daughter. I did that to Elizabeth this weekend, and she FREAKED. It was hilarious! Ah, the fun ways I can torture my daughter...

KO said...

Ooo! I can top it! I can, I can!
OK, did the Olympic thing on Friday night (we all did, right?)

Then Sat. we drove down from Northern California to Southern California. Hit a major traffic delay, turning a 6 hour trip into a 7 hour trip. Got in a major deal with my husband to which in turn we did not speak to one another the ENTIRE rest of the six hours home. Our background noise was movies for the kids on the DVD player interrupted only by "mama, I want to go home" about 500 times. Oh, yeah. It was a great Christian moment in our family.

Came home to find our bathroom that was supposed to be finished from renovating while we were gone, REALLY unfinished. What had been worked on was done so poorly it will have to be re-done.

That was Saturday.

Fortunately we had baptisms at church on Sunday, and it brought it all home. It's what it's all about. Little children, grown men and women, prodigals and newly saved. It was the best. It's just like God to bring it all back again to what matters most.

Karen said...

Arghhh .. bladder infections are not fun!!! I take cranberry capsules on a daily basis and haven't had a BI since. Fingers crossed!!

My weekend was quiet. I actually got to sleep in. Watched the opening ceromony on Friday night. Relaxed on the couch with the dogs and watched NASCAR. J cooked a Tri Tip on the BBQ Saturday night. Did a bit of weeding. Definitely a laid back weekend...

Karen said...
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Vicki is Not So SAHM said...

I thought I saw you in Costa Rica! We were down there heading up the international snorklers convention.

Ok, we had a somewhat tamer weekend as well. Although your weekend wasn't very tame, haha.

We...uh...we...uh...I'm having a hard time remembering. Oh yeah! We got a membership to Costco! Now I can do all my junk food buying in bulk!!

Way to go with Job. Something I'd love to ask God when I get to Heaven would be "at what times in my life did You let Satan have his way? He may answer me like He answered Job, but I can ask right?

Heather said... weekend was filled with sick people in the ICU, old men pulling out IV's and tubes and cussing at us, arrogant doctors being, well, arrogant, and awesome nurse friends/co-workers (that was the fun part).

At least I got paid.

And I didn't eat any chili-dogs, just lots of pizza and coffee.

Hope you're feeling better from your UTI and girl-bite.

(BTW, I'm sure the calories from chili dogs and brownies don't count when you're sick)

Tracy P. said...

Well I had a good weekend, but I AM jealous of the fact that you saw the opening ceremonies. We got home from my husband's *very ugly* softball game when the teams were marching in. So of course I PROMPTLY fell asleep, and woke up just in time for the recap, which looked like the part during the softball game had been amazing! (OK so I did see them light the torch and do more fireworks, but I still want to see the rest.)

Kathryn said...

Oh yuck on the infection and yuck on the head cold. I hope you are feeling better.
So cute about the lions. My boys have the same question with sharks over and over again.
Did you see the men's 400 relay swim last night?? HOLY BUCKETS!!!

GingerJar said...

I'm a new reader to your blog. My weekend was a trip to Corpus Christi to see my Grandson for his 10th birthday, eat at Joe's CrabShack and loiter in the hotel hot tub (did wonders for my backache).

Today reality sets in...back to work tonight in 2 hours, hubby on roof trying to reset the satellite from Dolly (as in hurricane) so he can watch the olypics (maybe...maybe not). I love watching the figure skating...because I'm to clumsy to do anything like that.

Kelly said...

Please don't get higher shorts for Michael...that's half the reason I watch him!!!

Lacey in the Sky said...

Wow ... that is quite a weekend. At least you watch some type of athletic sport while eating brownies... I often find myself eating junk food while watching FOOD network. Ugh, ultimate fat kid moment. Hope you're feeling better & your "lion" wound heals real soon!