Aug 24, 2008

My Granny, My dog, and My Big, Fat, Texas Hair.

I'm in Texas.

Boy howdy, am I ever in Texas.

Yesterday afternoon it rained, and as I looked out the window I saw steam literally rising from the street. Which I realize is not necessarily something to blog about, but it was a really personal moment between me and my hair. It screamed "Don't take me out there! Whatever you do!Don't take me out there!" And so I didn't. I kept my big, fat, Texas hair, firmly inside the air conditioned house.

We held each other for a was precious.

Some things have happened since arriving in Texas. Let's discuss them, shall we?

Last Christmas my mom bought my dad a Golden Retriever. This gift was thought about forever, prayed about forever, and saved up for forever. My dad's best dog, Judge, died after 15 years and so buying him another one came with much thought. But on Christmas morning my dad opened up Truman. And let me tell ya, things have never been the same since.

Truman is bad.
Truman is hyper.
Truman is adorable.
Truman is all puppy.

And now Truman is missing.

Missing for a whole week now and my dad is heartbroken. We have searched high and low, driven down every back road and gone up and knocked on every door that appears to have been apprehended from right off the set of "Deliverance" - and still, no Truman.

But that is what happens when your dog is young, and virile, and he longs to move from boyhood to manhood. (You catchin' what I'm layin' down?) Truman was...let's just say, a LOVER not a fighter. And we think he ran, well, fall in love, let's just say...aaannnnnndddd I shall stop now.

And Remi? She's devastated. Because now when the trash can is found pulled over on the kitchen floor we don't beat the dog. So her feelings are, we have to find him - AND FAST!

Here we are out looking for him the other day, to no avail.

I think this video goes to show that at the end of the day, no matter how devastated you are about your Poppie's dog, a girl eventually just needs a moment away from the cameras. It's a hard life.

Also on our list of things to do in Texas? Celebrate my Granny's birthday at Cotton Patch. That's right, I said, Cotton Patch. Doesn't that just sound sophisticated? Oh, yes indeedy, it was.

I feasted on FRIED catfish. And FRIED okra. And french FRIES.
(I should be dead by now. Obviously, God has more work for me to do. I digress...)

All 20 of us sat around a table and watched my Granny open her birthday presents. This is the moment during the party where she opens up a box, BUT DOES NOT PULL THE GIFT OUT OF THE BOX, and then proceeds to say, "It will never fit me."

I kid you not. I bought her a top (light blue, no pattern, no design, 100% cotton, must go with blue stretch pants and white tennis shoes, thank you) and she did not even remove it from it's folded position and yet said, "This'll be too small."

But who cares, I was with The Fam. And happy to be there, I might add. And I believe underneath their gruff exterior they love having me home, too. Even though when they asked how long I'm in for and I said "a couple weeks," they all moaned and said things like "Dear Lord" and "what in the world for?" But I felt the love. I truly did.

And besides, they can gripe all they want...their day on this here blog is comin' up.

Oh, you can bet it is.


Trish said...

Happy Birthday Granny!!

I have a feelin that this week is going to be a hoot and holler here at Stretch Marks!!
You should give us another picture of the AG sometime this week!! ;-)

And poor Miss Remi......that was seriously a tear jerker.

Love ya!

GingerJar said...

I feel you pain...about the hair...and the dog. Well I would die if something happened to one of my puppies.

I too watched the steam rising from the road this morning...and simply went back to bed. Something to be said for night shift....if you don't like the daytime sunshine...or rain...just sleep through it.

Meg said...

I hope Truman finds his way back home!

Vicki said...

Your grandma dresses just like my husband's grandma. And my grandma. And my friend's grandma. It's a trend that I just refuse to accept. I remember being younger and my mother and I promised each other we would never wear grandma clothes.

Kelley said...

I can hardly wait for more of your family. What a hoot!

I'm praying for Truman to finish up his "biness" and get on back home soon.

Melissa said...

"He's a tramp, but they love him. Breaks a new heart, everyday. He's a tramp, they adore him. Yes, even I have got it really bad. Bum, bum, bum ruff!" ~Lady and The Tramp

I hope Truman returns before becoming a puppy daddy.

Your grandma is precious. They kind of looked at you like, "What the heck is a blog?" So cute.

Your accent is delish, Meliss. That's where we differ. I still have a little South Dak'oh'tan drawl. I heart southern accents.

Rhonda said...

Maybe I need to move to Texas. I love me some big Texas hair. I just don't fit in here where I live. People look at me funny. It's embarrassing. So, I've tried to love sleek, boring, stick to your head (no matter what your head shape is) hair. It. Doesn't. Look. Nice.

Will your family take me in?

I promise not to bring my husband and kids....

Amy said...

I am glad you are in Texas. Will make for some interesting posts. I live in NE Texas and its great! Love BIG hair too! So sorry about Truman. My in-laws dog is named Judge. Um..what else. Oh, The Cotton Patch, F-A-B! YUMMY. You need some good fried food every now and then!

Lynda said...

Get you some fried pickles to go with that dinner next time!

I'm glad you're here in Texas, too (greetins' from Houston).

I feel for your Dad and hope Truman shows up. Our pets have a way of changing our lives tremendously. In a good way :-)

Kimberley said...

I'm sorry about Truman...and I'm sorry about your hair. How do those Texas women maintain their dignity?

Ashley said...

Hehe! I love it! 2 videos on 1 post. This is going to be a good week. Little Remi is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww Remi! NO PICTURES!! She's fantastic.

Rhea said...

She didn't even take it out of the box?! lol She's funny.

I love your accent...and Remi's.

I'm so sorry about Truman. I hope he turns up. :o)

Rhonda said...

Oh, and I thought you might like this video.

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Granny is a girl after my own heart!!!! 3 desserts you go granny~girl!!!

I hope Truman comes home soon!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Granny...She is just too cute!!!
How many pictures do you take of Remy daily for her to put up her hand and tell you, "no more pictures". Mama paparazzi!!!

Kimberly said...

Mmmmm! You gotta love the good ol' home cookin'! I love to visit my granmama and grandaddy and eat all kinds of good fried southern food. There ain't nothing like it! :) Happy Brithday Granny!

Ruby said...

funny home videos...oh my goodness.

i'm still cracking up at remi saying "no more pittchhers!" LOL

Enjoy your time in Texas :) I know you'll have some good blog stories to tell.

Summer Saldana said...

Hey sits! =) I adore your blog! What a fun find. I'm definitely adding it to my list!

Anonymous said...

Okay. So where's the Wednesday blog about Stuncle Dave you promised? If you need some material, you've got my #. I only allowed you to video my "affair with my fan" because you promised to blog about Stuncle Dave. Everyone must meet Stuncle Dave.