Jun 2, 2008

S-s-s-saucy weekend.

So how was your weekend?

Mine was...well, my mom is still here...so I guess that means it was...again, how was your weekend?

Oh, for pete's sake, I'm kidding.

Ours was actually really nice.

There was some fried rice eating, Wal-Mart grocery shopping, Saturday morning sleeping-in, eatin' mamma's roast, and lounging in elastic waist pants.

Good times.

There was also a wedding I had to sing at. But what can I say? I am sought out by every bride between here and Timbuktu. I think it's all the feeling I can emote and my ability to cry on cue.

But all those weekend festivities led up to the real event.....Remi's 2 year old birthday party. Which should have been called "the party that almost wasn't." Actually, it kind of was the party that wasn't. (I don't think that made sense. But I'm all hopped up on buttercream icing, so bear with me.)

Remi has run fever for 2 days.
Her Poppy and Mally got detained in Texas due to their dog running away (which is another blog for another day) and barely made it in time.
We tried to rent a moon-jumpy-bouncy-thingy, but considering the thunderstorms we were scheduled to have no one wanted to rent it to us.
And no one ever really RSVP's on Evite. So that makes it kind of hard to plan, ya know?
So I decided that all signs pointed to - next year!

So, we opted for hot dogs and Blue Bell.

But my best friends, who adore Remi (and adore me, if I'm being honest) crashed it - and I am so glad they did! What should have been some cold wienies on paper plates turned in to a house full of love, 1400 gits of sidewalk chalk and bubble machines, and CHILI-CHEESE DOGS!!Yep, the "party that was never supposed to be" turned in to "the perfect little party that was."

I loved it.
Oh, and Remi loved it too.

And Nonie made her strawberry cake.
And I made my buttercream icing.
And heaven was silent for a moment.

Okay, that's a tad over dramatic but I've been singing at a wedding and I'm still fake crying all over the place.

Oh, and one last thing. See that fab little button under my Lipo, Lifts and Links section? Well, it's called The Secret is in the Sauce. It's saucy and I think you should check it out. It's by my long-lost friends Heather and Tiffany who faithfully comment here daily, even though we've never met and they might not like me in real life if they knew what jean size I recently moved in to. Please check them out. And if you don't believe that the secret really is in the sauce...just ask Remi.


Lula! said...

I won't even allude to my jean size. It's a nightmare of epic proportions, spread out over at least a sequel or two. Can I have some of Nonnie's roast, please? And seconds on the strawberry cake--it's my fave.

Happy Birthday to Remi the Adorable. She could've been hanging with me all weekend, as I've had the plauge, too. Good times...rather ill times, but good as well.

Mrs. Romero said...

Let's not even get into jean sizes...

Remi is so stinkin' cute and she total knows that the Secret is in the Sauce.

Thanks so much for the shout out, and you just got yourself 2 additional entries.

I'm off to try to lower by jeans number back into the teens...

Carrie said...

Cute Blog, happy birthday baby!

As for the secret ... been there, done that, hoping for at least the tee shirt ;)

CEU said...

Happy Happy Birthday Remi!!

Ruby said...

Happy Birthday Remi!

Your posts always make me laugh. I needed it today.

Sissy said...

I am so drooling over that cake but I am proud to say that my jeans size is going down, so I cannot have cake.

I cannot have cake.

I cannot have cake.

I cannot have cake.

Oh, and those storms? Hit us bad. Check out the hail on my post!

Evi said...

Oh ladies...bring on the cake...
I know it's still a few years away but it is my mission to provide a cushioned grandma lap to the grandchildren of my future...NO ONE likes a bony grandma lap! I am preparing for my duty today!
Plus...I am ALSO doing my part to remove temptation from the wandering eyes of many a weak man out there...it's called responsibility girls!

Remi looks precious! Happy Birthday to the little darling!

jamn bell said...

FYI: Just in case you didn't know. There's a shout out to you on Randy Elrod's blog at http://randyelrod.typepad.com/
dated today.

jamn bell said...

Sorry! It was dated yesterday, June 1.

SherryBee said...

HA HA HA Cute post! Happy birthday to your little one!
I am coming to you from somewhere in the SITS sisterhood! HA! I'm lost already! hehehe
Being saucey is a great idea! LOL

SherryBee in AZ
count your blessings...