Jun 23, 2008

I served my time this morning. What more do you want?

Apparently there is Vacation Bible School in states other than the ones that fall below the Mason Dixon line, where Paula Deen reigns supreme and where Blue Bell is sold.

I didn't know.

Forgive me.

Tomorrow you will find me serving big bowls of "crow" in my Snack Shack.

Ahhhhhh...my lovelies...y'all can be so mean, sometime.

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Evi said...

We do VBS up here in Canada (don't ya know) but it seems you guys start a little earlier than we do...you can find ours running just about any week at any given church all summer long up here.
Fancy that hey?
But I have NO part in all that any more...served my time for over 10 years...thanks very much. I just send my baking now and work full time in a secular day care...passing on love all around there.
I somehow imagine that your 'crow' would have at least been dipped in chocolate before you ate it...no?