Apr 21, 2008

So this was embarrassing.

You are eagerly reading today in hopes that I did something else that embarrassed me, my husband or my parents, aren't you? Well, you are going to be sorely disappointed. I am speaking today, in the figurative sense, not the literal sense.

So, ha!

Yesterday I got to go hear Beth Moore. I've never heard her before! Can you believe it? I go to a Baptist church yet have never heard Beth Moore teach. Not even on a video! Isn't there some kind of statement written into the Southern Baptist by-laws that you have to attend at least one Living Proof Live conference every quarter to keep your SBC membership badge? But if so, no one told me.

Wanna know how I know I'm still a closet charismatic?
I've heard Joyce Meyer maaaannnyy times. Sssshhhhh.

So anyway I get to go and hear her yesterday and I am so glad I did. What a powerhouse! Granted, looking at her legs hurt me - for fear that they could snap right in two at any moment. But chances are if she saw mine they would hurt her too (but for different reasons altogether.)

So as she comes up on stage yesterday I was so excited to hear the message she was going to deliver. Oh, I just couldn't wait! But as she went further and further along I couldn't help but think, "Hmmm. Apparently this message isn't for me. Well, they can't all be."

Have you ever thought that? Have you ever been sitting there thinking, "Hmmm. God must be pretty pleased with me today because He has nothing to get on to me about or correct me about or bring to my attention. Man, I get the day off. This feels great. I'm just gonna close my notebook and my Bible and leeeeaaaaannnn back and take a load off."

Well, that's exactly what I was thinking.

And then I start thinking, "Aahhh, you know what? This is a really great message for ____ (will leave out of the names of my friends sitting there with me). I really hope she gets something out of this. This is definitely for her." I think at one point I even gave a thumbs-up to one of my girlfriends, as if to say, "Yeah for you!! God's really getting your attention today isn't He? Hope you don't run out of ink writing all this down. Sheesh. Could it be any more for you? She might as well walk out into the crowd and invite you up on stage, ____. Man oh man, is God trying to tell you something or what?"

Oh, my.

And then, the strangest thing happened. About 13.4 minutes into her lesson she threw something at me. (Again, not literal. Figurative, people, figurative!) And it hurt a little, granted. But no biggie. But then....ow! That one kind of hurt. And before I knew it...sheesh. There was another one. What is she doing? Is she about to make me actually look up that scripture? Pow! Something else, right between the eyes.

Yep. You gotta hate it when that happens.

Get where I'm going with this? Yeah, it was for me. Big time.

Your all probably pretty shocked by this. You probably all thought that nothing could penetrate my wall of good-deeds and servants heart offerings. But you'd be wrong. Waaaay wrong. Embarrassingly wrong.

But chances are none of you ever thought that for one moment. In fact, chances are three of the girls I was with longed to look right at me and give me the ol' "thumbs up". But didn't because they were too busy taking notes.


Sophia said...

Hey! I'm going to S.A. to see her in Aug. Maybe me and Ang can meet up. I imagine she'll be throwin' me the ol' "thumbs up." Reckin'?

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