Apr 14, 2008

My mom went to the beach and all I got was a Tiara, a bow, and some Burberry sunglasses I'll accidntally step on and break in the next 2 days.

Well, my lovelies, I'm home. And even as I write this I am having a little difficulty because someone is allllll over me. Oh yes, momma is definitely home. And ever since I've walked in the door all I've heard is "come play, " "come over here," "hold you," "watch this," "see me." Sheesh. And that's just the AG.

Was that line too predictable?

Predictable, but true.

Oh, we had a great time. We really did! I love those girls and I must say that getting away to the beach and laughing for 3 days straight is not a bad gig if you can get it. I would also like to say that this flies in the face of my mom's prediction when I was 15 years old and she told me, "I'll be surprised if you have a single friend by the time you're 19. I'll be shocked."

Ha! Take that mom. I have THREE.

Couple things happened while I was gone:

My granny read her write-up in the Stretch Marks Times and tried to post a reply, but thankfully (and not altogether surprisingly) did it wrong. Dodged that bullet.

I caught my husband talking secretly to someone on the phone and when I went up and stuck my nosy little ear to the phone this is what I heard, "So after I hit the comment button, what do I do?" It was mom. She wanted to leave a reply on the post about Granny. David walked her through it and she left a comment. But on the WRONG post. So go check out what my mom wrote about Granny on the post entitled "Dear Lovelies..." Please do not leave me comments on her verbiage. I don't understand it either. Never have. She still says things like "not happenin' captain" which I still think makes no sense and doesn't even rhyme.

My in-laws came into town and helped the AG with the little Rem. Pretty much it's an excuse for them to come see her and an excuse for the AG to get to see his mom and dad. It really works well for everyone.

My daughter has decided to call her Grandpa, Bon-ga. We don't know where it came from and we've no idea what it means, but she is totally serious about it. When I asked if she had a good time with Grandpa she looked at me and said, "Bon-ga." O-kay. Whatever. I can imagine it will take a while for a grown man to get over being referred to as "Bon-ga." Let's all pray for him.

But all in all I am happy to be home. Home with the ones I love.

I really appreciate the Lord letting me delight in these girls over the past few days, though.

I appreciate His faithfulness to us over the years.

And I appreciate His goodness in giving me girlfriends who loved me when I was at my meanest and most insecure (though some of my current friends might choose to argue over this fact.)

And I thank Him that He has always provided me with friends who have loved me and been honest with me instead of luring me into a false state of security and then beating me to a pulp and recording it to be played over and over again on CNN.

Oh yes, I've you missed you my internet lovelies. But as Austin Powers - the poet laurete of my generation - so adequatly said, "I'm back baby - yeah!"

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Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back! I was all set to be depressed with NO stretch marks to read for a few days! I came home from church Sunday after taking all FOUR granddaughters to church with me and Jeremy had came in from Iraq for a surprise visit! SO....I didn't have to be depressed over NO stretch marks. That won't always happen so DON'T LEAVE AGAIN!