Apr 16, 2008

"I had a midlife crisis too Stanley, so I gave myself a perm and took up Jazzercise."

Okay, so that is one of my all-time favorite quotes from the Golden Girls.

Do ya'll laugh at me for liking, okay loving, that show? Do you? Tell me the truth.

Another favorite is when a nervous Blanche tells Dorothy that she is "jumpier than a virgin at a prison rodeo." And Dorothy calmly states, "Wow. That is pretty jumpy."

I laugh like it's the 38th time I've heard it. When really it's closer to 98th.

I'll admit, it's hard to make me laugh. I'm not one of those people who just laugh at anything. Like Donna Hulsman who I went to 4 years of high school with. I loved Donna, don't get me wrong, but she laughed at all my jokes. Even the ones that I knew weren't exactly precise on ye ol' delivery. But still, she laughed. Which is probably why I desperately tried to get the seat right beside her in most of our classes together. But I digress.

All I'm saying is that considering how much I LOVE to laugh, and how important I think it is, I really don't do it all that often. It takes a lot. If you make me laugh you've really done something. Which is why if I ever see a movie preview on TV and it makes me laugh the AG knows that he might as well get out his $48 because he's taking me to that movie. (I say $48 due to the ever increasing ticket prices not to mention my penchant for popcorn, Reese's, a Diet Coke and an Icee.)

But here are a few things that make me laugh. Still. And a lot.

The Attorney General. He can still slay me. And I'm not sure why. Like the other morning when I told him "no, no, don't get up. I'll go upstairs and get Remi." And he said, "Are you sure Melissa? Are you sure you'll know where to go up there? Sure you won't get lost?" He said that because he says I do whatever I can to avoid going up stairs. Any stairs. Any where. Now that's funny.

Seinfeld. The show makes me laugh. The man makes me laugh. And every time he comes to town the AG takes me to see him and I just laugh until I want to cry. Every time.

Micheal Scott. on a preview for this week's The Office episode he actually asks a woman in his office regarding the friend she is going to set him up with if "an average rowboat would support her without capsizing." And as she glares at him he adds, "...it bothers me that your not answering the question." You almost have to wonder if he is not just a little bit like that in real life. That's just too good of acting.

America's Funniest Home Videos. I know, I know. Cheezy. Right? But I'm telling you, I feel like a little kid when I watch that show. I actually season pass it on my TiVo and I just laugh and laugh every time a heavy person falls in water. Or down a mountain. Or off a swing set. Or through a door. Or...

The Three Amigos. Steve Martin through that entire movie. "I've been shot already."

My dad. People think my mom is the funny one. No, my mom is the crazy one. There is a difference. My dad is actually the funny one.

When me, the AG and my cousin Brandon made my cousin Meridith sit by a man wearing a Puck on his head at a Predators hockey game. As if she wasn't grossed out enough he bought a hotdog and only ate the wiener. With his hands. Then he actually offered her some. That moment, my friends, was priceless. (Ya wanna hear something funny? I'm laying in bed writing this and the AG is falling asleep beside me. But he just woke up out of a deep sleep and actually said, "Puckhead. The Puckhead episode still makes you laugh." Sorry Meridith.)

Tina Fey. I really want her to be my new best friend. I have a good feeling that she'd like me.

I'm sure there are things I forgot. And as I think of them I'll let you know. I feel it's my duty. In the mean time, do what you can to make me laugh. If you succeed we could be friends forever. But if you can't, don't feel bad about it - just laugh at all my jokes and we'll still be friends forever.

As I sign off let me leave you with this thought..."Blanche, this is Rose we're talking about. The same woman who once asked if the city of Atlantis is lost how can Bobby Vinton appear there twice a year." Now that's good stuff.

Hey, just out of curiosity...what makes you laugh?? C'mon, leave me a little somethin' somethin' and let me know.


Lisa said...

Ben. Benjo the monkey boy. That kid cracks me up daily. He comes up with the craziest things and says them with that little half smile that just tickles my funny bone. I kinda think that some of our imfamous Ben stories have given you a chuckle at one time or another... am I right? (I just wanna know where dat egg comes from..)

Anonymous said...

I have to say in the last several months nothing has made me laugh as much as Stretch Marks. You a funny lady!


Jo Ann C. said...

You make me laugh everyday! I've asked for the Golden Girls DVD for the past 100 years for Christmas but I never get it! I'm with you on them honey! I would love to make you laugh, I have to think about it! I try not to laugh in public too much myself, at my age it makes me wet my pants! LOL

Teresa said...

Let's see.....Dwight K. Schrute, "Waiting for Guffman", my daughter, 2 pictures I have of Rob Ellis, George Costanza, the Red Dress Christmas Card (this is a Fruit Bowl joke) and the stories you tell about your mother.

And Big Nanny's search for the perfect hot dog.


My husband when he is in a silly mood, You, melissa and Rhonda, seriously noone can make me laugh like Fran and Esther. Madea and Rhonda imitating Madea and Kelli trying to imitate Madea. Pastor Tom and his little dance. I'm with you on Funniest home videos, I laugh at any big girl who tries her hand at parachuting or swinging on a child's swing. I guess I need to quit but I could go on.

Anonymous said...

surely there was one joke I didn't laugh at :)