Mar 7, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter. And One Day Until.

Well, here's living proof that in the Nature vs. Nurture debate - Nurture wins, every time. She is her mother's daughter. All the way. And I couldn't be prouder. (And thank goodness it's me she takes after or you'd have caught her reading Fortune 500 or Billboard Magazine. yawn.)

Oh, and mom and dad, just so you know...I know her 2nd birthday is coming up but she has decided that instead of a tricycle or anything to climb on outside - she would prefer a subscription to People Magazine. Her words, not mine.


Anonymous said...

I just love that kid!

Aunt April

Anonymous said...

Get that awful porn away from that sweet baby! And hold on, Remi! I'm sending you some new reading materials right away! Will go and get them tomorrow! ~Aunt Mel~