Feb 17, 2008

Am I Allowed to Post Pictures Like This??

So, here's what happens when you spend a Friday night with the Radke's.

First of all - we have fun. Don't believe me? We do! We're all about the wild Friday night.
We're young.
We're hip.
We're cool.
Actually, we're over thirty. I once threw out my hip. And we're constantly fighting over the thermometer. But I digress...

So this Friday night we did the whole "baby exchange" thang, and we kept Gracie May (May is not really her name - I tend to create names for kiddos I love) while some of our very best friends, Wes and April, went out for their Valentines date. Then Saturday night they kept Remi Lou for us while we went out. (To a wonderful place to eat by the way, which shall remain nameless as to not get it overcrowded.) But again, I digresss...

So what in world do I do with a seven year old on a Friday night? Tons.
I'm cool Aunt Melissa after all. I'm the one Victoria, Olivia, Taylor, Molly and Gracie will all want to spend the night with when their moms - Kerri, Rhonda, Kellie and April - make them mad and "just don't understand them."
I'm the one they'll come to when their face is breaking out and their moms are too cheap to buy them any ProActive.
I'm the one who will see them sneaking off behind the bleachers to steal their first kiss and start screaming hysterically until they die of embarrassment on the spot.
Ah yes, these are gonna be some fun years.
Darn, again, I digress...

So what does cool aunt Melissa do? She let's Gracie make cupcakes. The confetti ones, with the sprinkles and cheapy buttercream icing. Oh yeah. Good times. Good times between me and my little Gracie May. Just her and her cooooooool aunt Melissa. Just us. Until...

Enter little jealous Remi.
And poor unsuspecting Gracie.

'Nuff said.

When Gracie eventually decided that wearing pants around Remi would not be possible we all decided to have a dance party and go pantless.....uh, well, not all of us. I'm not that cool.

So, what are you doing next Friday night? Wanna come over?
Pants optional.


Anonymous said...

too cute!

Kristen said...

I love Remi's expression in the second picture.

Anonymous said...


Love it!!! To, to cute!!!

You are probably dead on with Toria, Taylor, Gracie, Olivia and Molly "filling you in" on stuff before us. =) You will know what we do and do not want to hear. HA!HA!

Love you!!!

April =)

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Anonymous said...

What great COOL AUNT puts their favored friends child up on the WORLD WIDE WEB in just their panties. Good luck with them coming to you and telling all their secrets.