Jan 24, 2008

If It's not one thing, it's your Nonie.

Well, my mom has been in town and in my guest room for eight days, now.
I repeat, my mom has been in the same town and in the same house as me for eight days.
Eight days. Did you all read that? Eight days.
Say the words out loud to yourself...eight days. Very good.
One more time...eight days.

And as much as I pick, and joke (cuz that's what I am: a picker and a joker) and tease and smart-off about my mom. I have been THRILLED to have her. It has been wonderful having her here and she has blessed the socks of off me. Actually, that is literally the truth since she caught up on all my wash so she literally came and took the socks right off my feet. In fact, since she's been here:

My bathroom floors have been scoured.

My husband has had seven hot meals. (Pancho's provided one. What can we say? We're good folks, so we gave her the night off.)

My laundry was actually completely cleaned AND DRIED before it was put away. (As opposed to when I put it away when it's kind of damp, just so I can go on to bed.)

My daughters diaper has been changed several times every day - and not by me!

My car, which I thought was fine, was apparently filthy and cleaned out from stem to stern. (And she was right, man, it was filthy.)

My child has THREE new pairs of shoes. (I however, have none.)

My husband has had more affectionate pats, rubs and kisses followed by things like, "David, you are so wonderful. David, you are so good to her even though she's so mean to you. David you are just precious. David, you are the closest thing we have to Christ walking on this earth." And he LOVES it.

Fresh groceries have been purchased and cooked. And then some more purchased and cooked again. Glorious.

And tomorrow she is making me some of her famous pimento cheese!! Glory adios!

If you think I'm wild about her. Meet Remi. She wakes up screaming for Nonie. And she goes to bed screaming for Nonie. And Nonie loves every stinkin' minute of it. Those two are tight. Thick as thieves, I'd say. We only have a few days left with mom. My dad and sister are coming down to get her this weekend and take her back home. When she leaves on Sunday night it will have been ELEVEN days she came to see me. And that's how many days it will take me to get over her leaving.

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