Jan 12, 2008

I Got This Crazy Kind of Feeling.

Okay, let me ask you a question.
Let me get personal.
Let's get on the same page for a moment.

As followers of Christ do you ever get the feeling that He is about to ask something of you? I mean, really, really, ask something of you? Something weird. Something wild. Something completely and totally out of your comfort zone.

If you answered yes to that, keep reading.

I'm not talking about how you've never cooked pancakes before and you feel led to start helping out at your church's annual pancake breakfast. I'm talking, you suddenly have a heart for something you've never had a heart for before. And it could take you places you've never been. To do things you've never done. To see things you've never seen. To speak things you've never spoken.

If you answered yes to that, keep reading.

Well, that is what I am feeling. And it has been breweing for a long time now. And suddenly I find myself in a new place and a new phase to say "yes" to it and not hide it away anymore. After all, if you've followed God for any time at all then we can all agree that saying "no" to Him really is not an option. Well, it is, but His work will be accomplished and if you want to play in a really exciting game you won't sit it out. You'll say "yes."

I once heard a pastor say that we should pray that "the Lord who has the nations in His heart, would give us a heart for the nations." I loved the way he said that and I've prayed those exact words for years. Uh, oh. He listens.

I usually don't petition for comments, but I am today. I would like to hear from you if you have ever dealt with this kind of thing before. And as always, if you don't want to leave a message for the world to see then just email me at melradke@charter.net. I'd love to hear from you and how God has pushed the boundaries with you.

And so now I'll be totally honest. Pray for me. If you know me at all, you know that when I'm ready do something - I'm ready to do it. All out. Well, friends, I think I'm ready. I have a heart for something. Something weird. Something wild. And I'm not sitting this one out.

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Lynn said...

God must have handed a bunch of these down for the new year :) Somethings stirring and I don't know what, but I too have that "Hold on, I'm about to take you somewhere" feeling. For awhile I've been trying to answer with "That's too big for me Lord", but then God put me into "Living Beyond Yourself" from Beth Moore and took that excuse away. I wish I could say that the thought that nothing is too big for Him comforts me, but really it scares the pants off me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fighting His will (anymore), I'm just not much for surprises (even good ones). I'll be praying for your new path as I start down mine. I sincerley hope they cross again one day.