Jan 5, 2008

Turn that Crown Upside Down

Go straight to your TiVo's and set up your season pass, ladies, for...
"Miss America: Reality Check" on TLC.
I am love, love, loving it.
It's our lovely 52 Miss America contestants holed up together in one huge house and put through the grinder.
Make-overs from head to toe, you name it.
The duo from "What Not To Wear" even came in and went through their bags. And let me just say there was some stuff in their that I haven't seen since I went through my friend Kerri's closet when she was out of town.
So get on the ball! All of you! Set your TiVo's to record and let's chat.
Tell me who you like (realllllyyy Miss Vermont???)
who need to "let their hair down" (Miss Idaho? Hello!)
and who needs to shush and quit whining (Miss South Carolina??).
Miss America Live comes on January 26th
and I really feel like it all depends on us, ladies.
This year should also be fun because WE get to vote...
and if you know me at all you know I'm alllllllll about the call-in vote.
So let's get together, size these girls up, rip 'em to pieces and then call in and vote for 'em.
Now that's some good American fun, right there, I don't care who ya are.

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Thanks for the lovely shout out. Those boots they first brought up, I loved them. Yes, I have to put on makeup to go to the grocery store, I kind of feel sorry for these girls, but then you would think I would. I have just a little bit of Miss America in me, I love my bling, and I think Miss Vermont is homely. I did however love the controversy at the dinner table. Great way to show the Real Miss America.